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SciPro now carries a range of Cell Culture Imaging and Analysis Instruments.

Cell Culture Imaging Key Research Applications: Phenotypic Drug Discovery, Drug Sensitivity Testing, Co-culture: Lossof Spheroid Volume, Drug target Discovery and Validation and Quality Control.

Application Notes:
Anticancer Drug Screening Method
Rapid Production and Size Assesment of EB's
Study Complex 3D MCTS Models

Cell3iMager / Cell3iMager Neo High Speed Cell Scanner

Cell3Imager Cell3iMagers are bright field scanners designed specifically to simplify and accelerate quantitative and qualitative measurement of 3D spheroids. This unique LED-based imaging system allows the user to identify and measure single or multiple spheroids per well in a microplate rapidly and automatically. The companion 3D optimized analysis software allows faster image capture, measurement and data analysis, and is compatible with all major 3D cell culture platforms. To fit varying budgets and throughput needs, the imager is available in two models: the single-plate Cell3iMager Neo (cc-3000) or the four-plate Cell3iMager (cc-5000).

Screen Cell 3Imager Neo

Cell3iMager Neo High Speed Cell Culture Scanner System scans a microplate just in 54 seconds, and measures area, estimated volume, diameter and number of spheroids in next 30 seconds. It is also compatible with microscope slides, dishes and various microplates.
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Cellular Analysis Key Research Applications: Cell Prolliferation and Cytotoxicity Assays, 2D & 3D Celllular Imaging and Analysis, Combinatorial Drug Testing, Drug-Target Discovery and Validation, Quality Control of Adherent and Suspension Cell Culture, Antibody Development and Regenerative Medicine.

Cell3iMager Duos High Speed, Non-Invasive Cellular Analysis System

iMager Duos Right Angle
Cell3iMager Duos can measure and quantify cells without reagent at high speed and realize high-resolution imaging at the same level as optical microscope. Cell3iMager duos, using uniquely developed optical system, takes high-precision and high-resolution images of single cells and colonies grown in 2D culture as well as spheroids and organoids grown in 3D culture. Also, clear and shadowless images can be obtained without the influence of meniscus across the whole well.
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