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Our oxygen sensors are based on state of the art optical fluorescence technology (pioneered at Oxford Optronix Ltd.) for continuous, quantitative monitoring of regional oxygen in tissue and fluids. The technology employed offers several key advantages over devices based on polarographic electrodes, making our oxygen monitors much easier to use and ideally suited to oxygen measurements in the typical physiological range, as well as incredibly sensitive under conditions of hypoxia.
Research Applications include tumor oxygen monitoring / angiogenesis; cerebral oxygen monitoring in models of stroke and brain injury; vital organ and muscle tissue monitoring; flap monitoring; ophthalmology; wound healing, fMRI-validation techniques; as well as in vitro dissolved oxygen monitoring in cell culture, bioreactors etc.
Sensors for Oxygen Monitors A choice of oxygen sensor types are available to suit a wide variety of in vitro and in vivo applications, as illustrated in the Data Sheet.  Sensors featuring integrated thermocouple micro-wires provide automatic temperature-compensation of oxygen readings.
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OxyLiteThird generation, single-channel oxygen and temperature monitor.
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OxyLite Pro

Third generation, two- or four-channel oxygen and temperature monitor with integrated touch-screen display 
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Perfusion by blood provides tissues with vital oxygen and nutrients, while removing waste products and distributing effector and signaling molecules around the organism. The measurement of microvascular blood perfusion provides researchers with critical information in a number of research applications where blood supply has been disrupted.
Research Applications include blood flow monitoring in peripheral vascular disorders; cerebral perfusion monitoring in models of stroke and brain injury; tumour perfusion monitoring / angiogenesis; blood flow in free flaps and pedicle flaps; wound healing; gastroenterology and more.


OxyFloThird generation, single-channel laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitor.
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OxyFlo ProThird-generation, two- or four-channel laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitor with integrated touch-screen display.
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OxyLiteOxyFlo Stacked

One of the most powerful and unique features offered by our tissue vitality monitors is the ability to measure tissue oxygen, laser-Doppler blood flow and temperature simultaneously from the same tissue micro-region. This is achieved by combining counterpart monitors into a ‘stack’ arrangement and use of our unique, combined, multi-parameter sensors.

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