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3 NEW products for Cell Culture and Physoxia


Baker Ruskinn CondoCell Capture your Environment

Luxury Accommodations for your Cells!
When used in conjunction with a hypoxic incubator and/or a physiological cell culture workstation CondoCELL can provide true, continuous physiological control over the entire cell culture system.

CondoCell captures the environment of any incubator or workstation making continuous, uninterrupted culture accessible to all. When coupled with a workstation, CondoCell helps avoid any disruption in the delivery of temperature, humidity, and gas (oxygen) to the culture environment. CondoCell may also be paired with any incubator (Standard CO2 or Tri-Gas) to deliver stable, uninterrupted control of the intended growth environment AND reduces the likelihood for cross contamination within the incubator, from shelf to shelf and cell line to cell line. When used together, CondoCell facilitates continuous, uninterrupted control over the entire chain, never exposing your cells to oxidative stress from the outside.

CondoCell eliminates the harmful effects cells currently experience within most in vitro tools by delivering stable, uninterrupted control over the growth conditions they require (and deserve!) to thrive. With CondoCell you can be confident that your work will never be compromised by the limitation of your existing equipment, resulting in more, better and happier cells. Watch Video Below
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Baker Ruskinn OxyGenie Low Oxygen Environment in a Kit

Your entry into Physoxia!
OxyGenieis a low oxygen culture system for plant and cell biology. A miniaturized incubation platform, OxyGenie delivers researchers with a small, portable and continuous physoxic (hypoxic) environment for short term physiological oxygen and temperature studies.

OxyGenie is ideal for conducting high resolution microscopy or irradiation under physiological oxygen conditions, further extending the time in which your cells can be exposed to in vivo like cell growth conditions. OxyGenie is a key tool for use in proof of concept or start-up validation for physiological cell culture within your lab, with minimal risk.

All life science related research can now utilize technology delivering controlled, physiologically relevant conditions at an economical price! Get results equivalent to research carried out within an InvivO2 workstation with OxyGenie (cell morphology and cell health).  Download OxyGenie Product Brochure

PhO2x Box

Cell Culture Chamber

PhO2x Box comprises a Gas Controller and Cell Culture Chamber, and is designed for in vivo cell cultures using plates and small flasks, not live animals. The Cell Culture chamber module can be placed into any incubator, and the Gas Controller remains outside. PhO2x Box can accommodate a range of 6, 12, 24, 96 well plates and some smaller flasks. This unit comes in 2 sizes.



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