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Hypoxia Workstation Accessories for your research lab.


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The ICONIC™ gas mixing system from Baker Ruskinn provides unparalleled control over oxygen levels inside InvivO2 hypoxia workstations. Its simple touchscreen controls simplify the calibration process, provide rapid equalization and facilitate easy data downloads. Additionally, ICONIC uses up to 40% less nitrogen over the previous gas mixing technology and saves bench space, making it even more economical and flexible for your laboratory.

ICONIC is available in two configurations: Single Mode (Hypoxic) and  Dual Mode (Hypoxic and Anoxic)
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HypoxyCool Cropped no logo HypoxyCOOL™ (patent pending) is a protocol-driven and tested solution that helps improve research results by eliminating media conditioning errors. HypoxyCOOL quickly and precisely reduces media oxygen concentration to target values while maintaining media sterility, temperature and pH. When used in conjunction with a hypoxia workstation (like SCI-tive or InvivO2), HypoxyCOOL is part of a complete oxygen-regulated, closed-culture system.
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Contact us for more information on the following Accessories:
• Enhanced Containment Packages
(Reduces workstation and specimen contaminants in the lab)
• Extra Chamber Options
(Allows you to run different 02 levels in parallel)
• Preventative Maintenance Packages