Real Time Oxygen Consumption

Real Time O2 Cell Analyzers from Lucid Scientific

Get more out of your cell culture experiments with non-invasive, real time oxygen consumption measurements. Lucid Scientific’s RESIPHER replaces your 96-well plastic lids with an on-plate monitor — streaming data directly from your incubator!


Lucid Resiper Real Time Oxygen Consumption Data Sensors 32 well platesReal Time Oxygen Consumption (OCR) in 4, 32 or 96 Wells!

    • Continuous OCR in any incubator / workstation.
    • Stream data anywhere.
    • Measure dissolved oxygen without impacting cells.
    • Compatible with most standard 96-well plates.



Lucid Resipher Graphic O2 Flux vs Experiment Time

Get continuous, non-invasive oxygen consumption rate (OCR) measurements for days to weeks from inside any incubator that fits your cell culture plates. The RESIPHER series of cell culture monitors are the world’s first hand-held devices to measure extra-cellular oxygen flux in standard multi-well plates. The RESIPHER provides valuable data and insight for many applications including:

  • Cell growth characterization
  • Dose Response studies
  • Cell line development
  • General experimental controls




Lucid Resipher Sensing Probe for Well Plates Real Time Oxygen Consumption Measurement

Incorporating Lucid’s proprietary, ultra-sensitive dissolved oxygen sensors, the RESIPHER measures the dissolved oxygen concentration gradient formed by metabolically active cells at the bottom of the well.

Measurements occur across a range of heights via the device’s integrated, high-resolution z-stage actuation system — eliminating the inaccuracies inherent in fixed probe measurement systems

With sterile, narrow probes (500µm diameter), the system does not restrict oxygen flow to the cells or otherwise alter the media environment in any impactful way.

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