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Higgins Various Products

We carry Higgins Analytical full line of HPLC Columns
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Including Microbore Columns, Semi Prep and Prep, Capillary, Capallini, Sprite (narrowbore), Picoolo (short microbore), SS Analytical, PPEK, Titanium, Analytical and Prep Guard Cartridges, Cartridge Holders and Filters.

Higgins List of Products

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Proto 300 Column

Introducing Proto Series of Columns.
Proto 200 Series – More Selectivity and Resolution for Peptides. A new C4 and C18 phase on 200Å silica presents a powerful alternative for the analysis of peptides of ~19kD and less.
Proto 300 Series – Robust Bioseparations. Low pH operating conditions and high pH column washing conditions are no problem for Higgins Analytical's new C4 and C18 phase on 300Å silica.  Download more information Here.

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