Vaplock Safety Products


We are your source for a complete line of  Vaplock products that provide safety solution for scientists, chemical hygienists, and researchers, designed to ensure proper delivery and waste containment of industrial chemicals and solvents. Our closed system capabilities reduce harmful emissions which are potentially hazardous to employees and our environment. A versatile product solution, Vaplock conforms to a broad spectrum of laboratory and industrial applications, useful wherever safety protocol for chemical handling is required or preferred. Download the 2017 Catalog.

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Exhaust Filter Cropped
Chemical Exhaust Filters
Indicator Cropped
Breakthrough Indicators
Filter Adapters Cropped
Filter Adapters
Tubing Connections Cropped
Tubing Connections
Tubing Connection Adapters Cropped
Tubing Connection Adapters
Barbed Tubing Connections Cropped
Barbed Tubing Connections
Port Plugs Cropped
Port Plugs
Ventilation Control Valve Cropped
Ventilation Control Valves
Safety Funnel Cropped
Safety Funnel












Vaplock products are used to create a safer, healthier and cleaner workplace by providing unique, effective and price sensitive solutions to fluid handling problems in the laboratory.

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