We are your source for all IDEX Fluidic Connections, an extensive line of fittings, tubing, connectors and more.  These chromatography and fluid transfer components are for analytical, biotech and diagnostic instrument applications. 

IDEX Fluidics Fittings IDEX Fluidics Tubing IDEX Fluidics Connectors


Choose from a variety of standard laboratory fittings to attach and adapt tubing.  From Flanged, Flangeless, Super Flangeless, Metallic and Non-Metallic, High Pressure and Low Pressure, Flat Bottomed, Internal and External Threads, Wrench-tightened and Finger-tightened.  The fittings can be a one-piece connector or a nut and ferrule packaged together. For your convenience we ship most fittings and ferrules in 10-packs.


Choose from Peek, Capillary Peek, Fused Silica, Peeksil and Stainless Steel Tubing.  They come in a variety of OD and ID sizes, and different pressure ratings.

Connectors and Adapters

Choose from a wide variety of connectors used to connect two pieces of inline tubing.  They come in a variety of materials, pressure ratings and configurations.

Contact us for pricing and more information on any of IDEX Fluidic Connections.

See Images below to Download Catalog Chapters.

IDEX Fluidics Catalog Fittings Chapter
Fittings Chapter
IDEX Fluidics Catalog Filters and Frits Chapter
Filters & Frits Chapter
IDEX Fluidics Catalog Tubing Chapter
Tubing Chapter
IDEX Fluidics Catalog Connectors Chapter
Connectors Chapter


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