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1320 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit
1321 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .010 ID
1322 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .007 ID
1323 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .005 ID
1324 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .020 ID
1325 Tefzel Tubing Kit
1326 PEEK Tubing Kit
1328 MicroTight PEEK Sleeve Kit
1356 MicroTight Con Kit – PEEK
1404 Ftgs Kit/Hewlett-Packard Type
1412 UpTight Ftgs Kit/Varian Type
1413 Upch Fittings Kit/Waters Type
1415 Upch Fittings Kit/Gilson Type
1420 Upch Fittings Kit/Hitachi Type
1421 Shimadzu Type Kit
1451 Flangeless Fittings Kit
1452 FingerTight II Fittings Kit
1453 Flanged Fittings Kit
1454 Tefzel Fittings Kit
1456 PEEK Fittings Kit – Low Press
1457 PEEK Fittings Kit – Hi Press
1458 FIA Kit
1500 Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
1502 Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
1503 Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .040 x 5ft
1516 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
1517 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16 x .040 x 5ft
1528 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
1529 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
1530 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
1531 Tub PEEK Nat 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
1532 Tub PEEK Ora 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
1533 Tub PEEK Grn 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
1534 Tub PEEK Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
1535 Tub PEEK Red 1/16 x .005 x 5ft
1536 Tub PEEK Yel 1/16 x .007 x 5ft
1538 Tub PEEK Nat 1/16 x .040 x 5ft
1544 Tub PEEK Nat 1/8 x .080 x 5ft
1559 Tub PEEK Nat 1/16 x 25µm x 5ft
1560 Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.0025x5ft
1561 Tub PEEK Blk 1/16 x .004 x 5ft
1568 Tub PEEK Nat 1/32 x .015 x 5ft
1569 Tub PEEK Ora 1/32 x .020 x 5ft
1570 Tub PEEK Nat 360µmx50µmx5ft
1571 Tub PEEK Red 360µmx100µmx5ft
1572 Tub PEEK Yel 360µmx150µmx5ft
1574 Tub PEEK Nat 360µmx25µmx5ft
1576 Tub PEEK Red 1/32 x .005 x 5ft
1577 Tub PEEK Yel 1/32 x .007 x 5ft
1581 Tub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x5ft
1582 Adapt 10-32 Male x 1/4-28 Fem
1583 Adapt 10-32 Fem x 1/4-28 Fem
1586 Adapt 10-32 Malex1/4-28 Male
1587 Upch Adapt 10-32 Fem x M6 Fem
1588 Adapt Waters Type FemxM6 Fem
1591 Adapt 10-32 Fem x 1/4-28 Male
1592 Adapt Assy 1/16 Fem x 1/8 Fem
1593 Union Assy – 1/8in Prep
1648 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8 x .093 x 5ft
1800 Sample Loop PEEK 2µL Assy
1810 Sample Loop PEEK 100µL Assy
1826 Sample Loop PEEK 20mL Assy
1876 Sample Loop SS 10mL Assy
2100 HPLC Starter Kit
3255 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×25µmx5cm/2pk
3505 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×50µmx5cm/2pk
3755 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×75µmx5cm/2pk
6255 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×25µmx5cm/5pk
6505 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×50µmx5cm/5pk
6755 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×75µmx5cm/5pk
6810 IDEX Wrench 1/4 in and 5/16 in
31005 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×100µmx5cm/2pk
31505 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×150µmx5cm/2pk
32510 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×25µmx10cm/2pk
32515 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×25µmx15cm/2pk
32520 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×25µmx20cm/2pk
32550 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×25µmx50cm/2pk
35010 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×50µmx10cm/2pk
35015 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×50µmx15cm/2pk
35020 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×50µmx20cm/2pk
35050 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×50µmx50cm/2pk
37510 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×75µmx10cm/2pk
37515 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×75µmx15cm/2pk
37520 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×75µmx20cm/2pk
37550 Tub PEEKsil 1/32×75µmx50cm/2pk
61005 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×100µmx5cm/5pk
61505 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×150µmx5cm/5pk
62005 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×200µmx5cm/5pk
62510 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×25µmx10cm/5pk
62515 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×25µmx15cm/5pk
62520 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×25µmx20cm/5pk
62550 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×25µmx50cm/2pk
63005 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×300µmx5cm/5pk
65010 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×50µmx10cm/5pk
65015 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×50µmx15cm/5pk
65020 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×50µmx20cm/5pk
65050 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×50µmx50cm/2pk
67510 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×75µmx10cm/5pk
67515 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×75µmx15cm/5pk
67520 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×75µmx20cm/5pk
67550 Tub PEEKsil 1/16×75µmx50cm/2pk
310010 PEEKsil 1/32×100µmx10cm/2pk
310015 PEEKsil 1/32×100µmx15cm/2pk
310020 PEEKsil 1/32×100µmx20cm/2pk
310050 PEEKsil 1/32×100µmx50cm/2pk
315010 PEEKsil 1/32×150µmx10cm/2pk
315015 PEEKsil 1/32×150µmx15cm/2pk
315020 PEEKsil 1/32×150µmx20cm/2pk
315050 PEEKsil 1/32×150µmx50cm/2pk
610010 PEEKsil 1/16×100µmx10cm/5pk
610015 PEEKsil 1/16×100µmx15cm/5pk
610020 PEEKsil 1/16×100µmx20cm/5pk
610050 PEEKsil 1/16×100µmx50cm/2pk
615010 PEEKsil 1/16×150µmx10cm/5pk
615015 PEEKsil 1/16×150µmx15cm/5pk
615020 PEEKsil 1/16×150µmx20cm/5pk
615050 PEEKsil 1/16×150µmx50cm/2pk
617510 PEEKsil 1/16×175µmx10cm/5pk
617520 PEEKsil 1/16×175µmx20cm/5pk
617550 PEEKsil 1/16×175µmx50cm/2pk
620010 PEEKsil 1/16×200µmx10cm/5pk
620015 PEEKsil 1/16×200µmx15cm/5pk
620020 PEEKsil 1/16×200µmx20cm/5pk
620050 PEEKsil 1/16×200µmx50cm/2pk
630010 PEEKsil 1/16×300µmx10cm/5pk
630015 PEEKsil 1/16×300µmx15cm/5pk
630020 PEEKsil 1/16×300µmx20cm/5pk
630050 PEEKsil 1/16×300µmx50cm/2pk
1507L Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .040 x 50ft
1507M Tub PFA Nat 1/16x.040 x 1000ft
1509-5 Tub PFA Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
1509L Tub PFA Nat 1/8 x .062 x 50ft
1512L Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .020 x 50ft
1514L Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .030 x 50ft
1514M Tub PFA Nat 1/16x.030 x 1000ft
1516L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.020x50ft
1516M Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.020x 1000ft
1516XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.020x100ft
1517L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.040x50ft
1517M Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.040x 1000ft
1517XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.040x100ft
1520-5 Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
1520L Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .030 x 50ft
1520XL Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.030x100ft
1521-5 Tub FEP Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
1521L Tub FEP Nat 1/8 x .062 x 50ft
1521XL Tub FEP Nat 1/8 x .062 x 100ft
1524L Tub FEP Nat 3/16 x .125 x 50ft
1524XL Tub FEP Nat 3/16x.125x100ft
1527-5 Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
1527L Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .010 x 50ft
1527M Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.010 x 1000ft
1527XL Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.010x100ft
1528L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.030x50ft
1528M Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.030x 1000ft
1528XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.030x100ft
1529L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.010x50ft
1529M Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.010x 1000ft
1529XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.010x100ft
1530L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8 x .062 x 50ft
1530XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8x.062x100ft
1531B Tub PEEK Blu 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
1531BL Tub PEEK Blu 1/16x.010x50ft
1531BXL Tub PEEK Blu 1/16x.010x100ft
1531L Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x50ft
1531M Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x 1000ft
1531XL Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x100ft
1532L Tub PEEK Ora 1/16x.020x50ft
1532XL Tub PEEK Ora 1/16x.020x100ft
1533L Tub PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x50ft
1533M Tub PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x 1000ft
1533XL Tub PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x100ft
1535L Tub PEEK Red 1/16x.005x50ft
1535XL Tub PEEK Red 1/16x.005x100ft
1536L Tub PEEK Yel 1/16x.007x50ft
1536XL Tub PEEK Yel 1/16x.007x100ft
1538L Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x50ft
1538M Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x 1000ft
1538XL Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x100ft
1548-5 Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
1548L Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .020 x 50ft
1548M Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.020 x 1000ft
1548XL Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.020x100ft
1560L TUBE,PEEK,NAT,1/16x.0025×50'
1560XL Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.0025x100ft
1561L Tub PEEK Blk 1/16x.004x50ft
1561XL Tub PEEK Blk 1/16x.004x100ft
1568L Tub PEEK Nat 1/32x.015x50ft
1568XL Tub PEEK Nat 1/32x.015x100ft
1569L Tub PEEK Ora 1/32x.020x50ft
1569XL Tub PEEK Ora 1/32x.020x100ft
1576L Tub PEEK Red 1/32x.005x50ft
1576XL Tub PEEK Red 1/32x.005x100ft
1577L Tub PEEK Yel 1/32x.007x50ft
1577XL Tub PEEK Yel 1/32x.007x100ft
1581L Tub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x50ft
1581M Tub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x1000ft
1581XL Tub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x100ft
1583-01 Adapt Body 1583
1591-01 Adapt Body 1591
1593-01 Union Body – 1/8in Prep
1622-5 Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.020x5ft
1622L Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.020x50ft
1632-5 Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.030x5ft
1632L Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.030x50ft
1632M TubPFA Hi Pur 1/16x.030x1000ft
1641-5 Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/8x.062x5ft
1641L Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/8x.062x50ft
1642L Tub PFA Hi Pur 3/16x.125x50ft
1642XL Tub PFA Hi Pur 3/16x.125x100ft
1645L Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/4x.188x50ft
1645XL Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/4x.188x100ft
1648L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8 x .093 x 50ft
1648XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8x.093x100ft
1650L Tub FEP Nat 1/4 x .188 x 50ft
1650XL Tub FEP Nat 1/4 x .188 x 100ft
1671L Tub FEP Nat 1mm x 0.5mm x 15m
1673L Tub FEP Nat 2mm x 1mm x 15m
1677L Tub FEP Nat 3mm x 2mm x 15m
1805-1 Sample Loop PEEK 50µL Tube
1902-5 Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
1902L Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .010 x 50ft
1907-5 Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
1907L Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .020 x 50ft
1912-5 Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
1912L Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .030 x 50ft
1921-5 Tub HPFA+ 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
1921L Tub HPFA+ 1/8 x .062 x 50ft
1958-01 10-32 F to M4 F
1959-01 M4 Union Body, SS, 1/32" Tub
A-100 Frit SS 2µm .094x.065x.2485
A-101 Frit SS 2µm .062x.065x.2485
A-102 Frit SS 0.5µm .062x.065x.2485
A-103 Frit SS 0.5µm .094x.065x.250
A-105 Frit SS 10µm .062x.065x.250
A-106 Frit SS 10µm .094x.065x.250
A-107 Frit SS 10µm .189x.074x.254
A-112 Frit UHMW 2µm .065x.065x.250
A-115 Frit UHMW 2µm .190x.074x.254
A-116 Frit UHMW 10µm .062x.065x.250
A-120 Frit SS 20µm .125x.065x.250
A-122 Frit SS 20µm .188x.074x.254
A-200 Solvent Filter Inlet Kit 10µm
A-201 Kit Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm
A-210 Tub Teflon 3ft & P-100
A-220 Solvent Filt Inlet 10µm 1/8
A-221 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm/5pk
A-222 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm 1/8
A-223 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm 5pk
A-224 Frit SS PTFE20µm.188x.074x.254
A-225 Solvent Filter Inlet 20µm 1/16
A-225A Solvent Filter lnlet 20µm 1/8
A-225A-1 Filter inlet 20µm
A-226A Solvent Filter let 10µm 5/16
A-227A Solvent Filter lnlet 10µm 1/4
A-228 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm 1/8
A-230A Solvent Filter Inlet 20µm 1/4
A-231A Filter Inlet 20µm5/16-24,3/16
A-240 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm 1/8
A-241 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm/5pk
A-242 SolventFilter Inlet 2µm 1/8Tub
A-243 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm/5pk
A-302 Solvent Filter Inlet General
A-302A Solvent Filter inlet 1/4-28
A-302S Solvent Filter Inlet, Select
A-304 Wrench Open End 1/4 x 5/16
A-305 Wrench Open End 1/2 x 9/16
A-309 BOB Solvent Filter Assy 10µm
A-310 Solvent FilterInlet WatersType
A-311 Solvent Filter Inlet Prep
A-311A Solv Filter Inlet Prep 1/4-28
A-313 Filter – Inline SS w/20µm Frit
A-314 Solvent Filter – Inline
A-314-01 Solvent Filter, Inline-Female
A-314-02 Solvent Filter, Inline-Male
A-315 Precolumn Filter Assy 2µm
A-315-01 Precolumn Filter Female End
A-315-02 Precolumn Filter Male End
A-316 Precolumn Filter 0.5µm
A-318 Precolumn Filter 0.5µm
A-320 Wrench Open End 3/8 x 7/16
A-327 Plastic Tubing Cutter
A-328 Tub Cutter Blade 5pk
A-329 Polymer Tubing Cutter Lg Bore
A-330 Semi-Prep Filter Assy
A-331 Frit SS Nat 10µm
A-332 Semi-Prep Nat Frit Assy 2µm
A-337 Frit SS 20µm .750x.070x.881
A-343 Frit SS Grn 2µm .625 x .750
A-346 Frit PEEK 2µm .613x.070x.750
A-350 Tube Cutter Capillary Polymer
A-355 Filter PreColumn PEEK 2µm
A-355-01 Filter Body PreColumn Biocomp
A-355-02 Filter Cap PreColumn Biocomp
A-356 Filter PreColumn PEEK 0.5µm
A-360 Semi-Prep Filter Asy 5/16-24
A-410 Semi-Prep Filter 2µm
A-411 Semi-Prep Filter 10µm
A-415 Filter Lo Press – 1/16 Tub
A-416 Filter Lo Press – 1/8 Tub
A-417 Frit SS Grn 2µm .062x.065x.200
A-418 Frit SS 0.5µm .062x.065x.200
A-420 Frit SS Grn 2µm .125x.065x.200
A-422 Frit UHMW 2µm .065x.065x.200
A-423 Frit UHMW 10µm .062x.065x.200
A-424 Fltr Inline Metal Free 2µm
A-425 Fltr Inline Metal Free 10µm
A-426 Solvent Filter UHMWPE 10µm
A-427 Filter Body UHMWPE 10µm/5pk
A-428X Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK/10pk
A-429X Filter End Ftg 2µm PEEK/10pk
A-430 Filter 2µm
A-431 Filter 0.5µm
A-435 BOB Filter Assy PEEK
A-436 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 3/16
A-437 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/8 2µm
A-438 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/8 10µm
A-440 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/8 10µm
A-441 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 3/16 10µm
A-445 Solvent Filter UHMW 1/16 10µm
A-446 Solvent Filter UHMWPE 1/8 10µm
A-450 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/16 2µm
A-451 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/16 10µm
A-452 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/16 2µm
A-453 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/16 10µm
A-510 Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 3/16
A-511 Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 1/4
A-520X Repl Filter Cup 10µm – 10pk
A-522X Repl Filter Cup 2µm – 10pk
A-550 Fltr Asy 10µm for 1/8 OD Tub
A-551 Fltr Asy 2µm for 1/8 OD Tub
A-610 Bottle Cap Assy 3/16
A-620 Bottle Cap Assy 1/8
A-622 Bottle Cap Assy 1/8-Small Neck
A-626 Bottle Cap Plug
A-627 Plug Bttle SS 20µm-Taper Hole
A-628 Bottle Cap Plug 1/8
A-629 Plug Bttle SS Fltr 20µm-1/8
A-630 Bottle Cap Assy 1/16
A-632 Bottle Cap Asy 1/16 Small
A-700 Frit PEEK 2µm .062x.065x.250
A-701 FRIT,PK,3LU,.5UM,.062X.065X.25
A-702 Frit PEEK 2µm .091x.065x.250
A-703 Frit PEEK 0.5µm .094x.065x.250
A-704 Frit PEEK 2µm .125x.065x.250
A-706 Frit PEEK 2µm .188x.065x.250
A-707 Frit PEEK 0.5µm .195x.064x.247
A-708 Frit PEEK 2µm .062x.065x.200
A-710 Frit PEEK 2µm .125x.065x.200
A-720 Frit PEEK 10µm .125x.077x.250
A-722 Frit PEEK 10µm .197x.074x.247
A-735 MicroFlt 0.5µm .045x.033x.192
A-735X Frit MicrFltr PEEK 0.5µm/10pk
B-300 Bottle 1L Wide Safety-Coated
B-310 Syringe 10cc Luer-lok
C-1000 Semi-Prep Guard Column Holder
C-1030 Threaded Repl Cap SS 2µm
C-1033 Dry Packing Funnel 10mm
C-1035 Semi-Prep Guard Asy 10mm x 1cm
C-128 MicroBore Guard Column
C-128-31 Frit SS Blk 0.5µm
C-128-40 Slurry Packing Adapter
C-1300 Col Assy Sample Trap Ti
C-130-40 Slurry Packing Adapter & Seal
C-130B Grd Col 2mm x 2cm
C-1326 Col Holder Assy Ti
C-140-30 Frit SS 0.5µm .188x.074x.254
C-160 Cartridge Holder Assy
C-1600 Col Assy Sample Trap Ti 25mm
C-161 Cartridge Assy
C-161-02 Cartridge Sleeve Inner
C-168 Cartridge Assy 2mm x 1cm
C-168-01 Cartridge Sleeve Inner 2mm
C-169 Cartridge Assy 4mm x 1cm
C-235 Male Nut 1/8
C-235X Male Nut 1/8 10pk
C-236 Ferrule 1/8
C-236X Ferrule 1/8 10pk
C-270 Cartridge Hldr FngrTgts Bio
C-281 Col 2mm x 1cm w/C-270 6pk
C-282 Col 2mm x 1cm – ODS 10pk
C-290-01 Col End Ftg Tefzel Flgls Nut
C-401 Frit SS 2µm .125x.065x.2485
C-402 Frit SS Nat 2µm .187x.074x.254
C-407 Frit SS Grn 2µm .038x.030x.062
C-407-02 Disc SS 2µm Ø.038 x .028
C-408 Frit SS Nat .038 x .030 x .125
C-409 Frit SS 0.5µm .038x.030x.062
C-420 Frit SS 2µm .038 x .031 x .192
C-425 McroFlt 0.5µm .038x.031x.192
C-710 Col Cartridge 4.3mm x 1cm
C-710-01 Cartridge Body 4.3mm x 1cm
C-751 Col 4.3mm x 1cm w/C-270 6pk
C-752 Col 4.3mm x 1cm – ODS 10pk
CV-3000 CV Inline Assy
CV-3000NF CV Inline Assy w/o Fittings
CV-3001 CV Inline Cartridge
CV-3010 CV Inline Assy 3 psi 1/8in
CV-3011 CV Inline Cartridge 3 psi
CV-3301 CV Inlet 1/4-28 (Perfluor)
CV-3302 CV Outlet Asy 1/4-28 (Perflu)
CV-3310 CV Inline Assy 3 psi 1/4-28
CV-3315 CV Inlet Asy 3psi 1/4-28 .020
CV-3316 CV Outlet 3 psi 1/4-28 .020
CV-3320 CV Inlet Non-Metallic
CV-3321 CV Outlet Non-Metallic
CV-3322 CV Inlet Non-Metallic.040 thru
CV-3323 CV Outlet Non-Metallic .040
CV-3324 CV Inlet Non-Metallic.060 thru
CV-3325 CV Outlet Non-Metallic .060
CV-3330 CV Inline Non-Metallic 1/4-28
CV-3335 CV Inlet Non-Met 1/4-28I10-32E
CV-3336 CV Out Non-Met 1/4-28I10-32E
CV-3340 CV Inline Non-Metallic 10-32
CV-3345 CV Inline Outlet
CV-3500 Micro-Volume Check Valve
CV-3500-05 Check Valve Diaphragm
D-324BLK Flat Bottom Plug 1/4-28 Blk PP
D-646 Swivel Barb Ftg, 1/16in
D-647 Swivel Barb Ftg, 3/32in
D-648 Swivel Barb Ftg, 1/8in
F-100 FingerTight I Male Nut-Red
F-100X FngrTt I Male Nut-Red/10pk
F-110 FingerTight Male Nut 1/4-28
F-112 MicroFerrule 1/32in
F-113 FingerTight MicroFerrule,1/32
F-120 FingerTight I PEEK
F-120B FingerTight I PEEK Blue
F-120BLK FingerTight I PEEK Black
F-120G FingerTight I PEEK Green
F-120R FingerTight I PEEK Red
F-120X FingerTight I PEEK/10pk
F-120Y FingerTight I PEEK Yellow
F-123H Hdls Nut 6-32FB 360/510µm/1/32
F-124H Headless Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm
F-124HX Hdls Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm/10pk
F-124S Standard Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm
F-125 Micro FingerTight PEEK 6-32
F-125H Headless Nut 6-32 Coned .025in
F-125X Micro FngrTt PEEK 6-32/10pk
F-126 6-32 Coned Nut 1/32in Natural
F-126HX Hdls Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32/10pk
F-126S NUT,STD,6-32,CONED,1/32
F-126SX Std Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32in/10pk
F-130 Long FingerTight I PEEK Nat
F-130X Long FngrTt I PEEK Nat/10pk
F-132 MicroFerrule 1/16in
F-142 Repl Ferr Hi Press FngrTt II
F-142N Repl 1/16 Ferrule Nat ETFE
F-142NX Repl 1/16 Ferr Nat ETFE/10pk
F-142X Ferr Hi Press FngrTt/10pk
F-148 Micro FngrTt Ferr .009in ID
F-151 Micro FngrTt Ferr .015in ID
F-152 Mini MicroFilter Ferr .015in
F-152BLK Mi MicrFltr Ferr .015 PEEK Blk
F-156 Female Nut PEEK Blk 1/4-28 1/8
F-156X F Nut PEEK Blk 1/4-28 1/8 10pk
F-160 FingerTight II 1/4-28 Hi Press
F-160X FngrTt II 1/4-28 Hi Press 10pk
F-162 FngrTt Ferr 1/4-28 Hi Press
F-172 MicroFerrule .025in PEEK Black
F-180 MicroTight Slv Red .005 x .025
F-181 MicroTight Slv Yel .007 x .025
F-182 MicroTight Slv Nat .009 x .025
F-183 MicroTight Slv Blu .011 x .025
F-184 MicroTight Slv Ora .013 x .025
F-185 MicroTight Slv Grn .0155x.025
F-185X MicTgt Slv Grn .0155x.025/10pk
F-186 MicroTight Slv Blk .018 x .025
F-187 MicroTight Slv Nat .021 x .025
F-188 MicroTight Slv Pur .006 x .025
F-192 SealTight Ferrule
F-192X SealTight Ferrule/10pk
F-193 SealTight Short Hex-head
F-193X SealTight Short Hex-head/10pk
F-195 Short SealTight Fitting 10-32
F-195X Short SealTight Ftg 10-32/10pk
F-196 Long SealTight Fitting 10-32
F-196X Long SealTight Ftg 10-32/10pk
F-197 M6 SealTight Assy
F-200 FingerTight II 10-32 Red
F-225 Tub Slv PEEK Red .062 x .005
F-226 Tub Slv PEEK Yel .062 x .007
F-227 Tub Slv PEEK Yel .062 x .009
F-228 Tub Slv PEEK Blu .062 x .011
F-229 Tub Slv PEEK Nat .062 x .013
F-230 TUB SLV PEEK ORA .062X.016
F-231 Tub Slv PEEK Nat .062 x .022
F-232 Tub Slv PEEK Nat .062 x .031
F-233 Tub Slv PEEK Blu .062 x .034
F-234 Tub Slv PEEK Yel .062 x .027
F-237 Slv FEP Red 1/16 x .005 x 1.55
F-238 Slv FEP Yel 1/16 x .007 x 1.55
F-239 Slv FEP Nat 1/16x.0085×1.55
F-240 Slv FEP Blu 1/16 x .011 x 1.55
F-241 Slv FEP Ora 1/16 x .013 x 1.55
F-241N Slv FEP Nat 1/16 x .013 x 1.55
F-242 Slv FEP Grn 1/16x.0155×1.55
F-242X SLV,FEP,GRN,1/16x.0155×1.55,
F-243 Slv FEP Blk 1/16 x .018 x 1.55
F-244 Slv FEP Nat 1/16 x.021 x 1.55
F-245 Slv FEP Red 1/16 x .024 x 1.55
F-246 Slv FEP Yel 1/16 x .027 x 1.55
F-247 Slv FEP Grn 1/16 x .033 x 1.55
F-252 Slv FEP Pur 1/16 x .042 x 1.55
F-252X Slv FEP Pur 1/16x.042/10pk
F-262 Slv FEP Grn 1/16 x .0155 x 2in
F-264 Slv FEP Nat 1/16 x .021 x 2in
F-267B Slv FEP Blu 1/16 x .033 x 2in
F-287 SealTight PEEK Fat-Head
F-287-01 SealTight PEEK Fat-Head Nut
F-287X SealTight PEEK Fat-Head/10pk
F-290 Flangeless SealTight Ferrule
F-292 SealTight Flangeless Nut Delr
F-294 SealTight Flangeless Nut PEEK
F-298 Shrt SealTight Flngs Nut PEEK
F-300 FingerTight III 10-32
F-300X FingerTight III 10-32/10pk
F-301 FingerTight III 1/4-28
F-301-01 FingerTight III 1/4-28 Body
F-330 Long FingerTight 2pc PEEK
F-330X Long FingerTight 2pc PEEK/10pk
F-331 Short Fingertight 2pc PEEK
F-331X Short FngrTt 2pc PEEK/10pk
F-333N Ftg NT PEEK Hdls Short 1/16
F-333NX Ftg PEEK Hdls Short 1/16-10pk
F-345 Flush Nut Wrench 10-32 Nuts
F-346 Flush Nut Wrench 1/4-28 Nuts
F-350 Flush Nut 1/16 SealTight Type
F-350X Flush Nut 1/16 SealTight /10pk
F-354 Flush Nut 1/16 LiteTouch Type
F-354X Flush Nut 1/16 LT /10pk
F-356 SS FlushNut 1/4-28 Thread
F-356X SS FlushNut 1/4-28 Thread/10pk
F-358 Flush Nut 1/16 Flangeless Type
F-364 Flush Nut 1/8 LiteTouch Type
F-364X Flush Nut 1/8 LT /10pk
F-368 Flush Nut 1/8 Flangeless Type
F-370 Slv FEP Nat 1/32 x .003 x 1.55
F-372 Slv FEP Yel 1/32 x .007 x 1.55
F-373 Slv FEP Nat 1/32 x .009 x 1.55
F-374 Slv FEP Blu 1/32 x .011 x 1.55
F-375 Slv FEP Ora 1/32 x .013 x 1.55
F-376 Slv FEP Grn 1/32x.0155×1.55
F-380 Slv PEEK Red 1/32x.005×1.55
F-381 Slv PEEK Yel 1/32x.007×1.55
F-382 Slv PEEK Nat 1/32x.008×1.55
F-383 Slv PEEK Gry 1/32x.009×1.55
F-384 Slv PEEK Blu 1/32x.010×1.55
F-385 Sleeve,PEEK,Nat,1/32 x .015
F-385X SLV,PEEK,NAT,1/32,X.015X1.55
F-386 Slv PEEK Ora 1/32x.020×1.55
F-387 Slv PEEK Red 1/32x.011×1.55
F-388 Slv PEEK Blk 1/32x.013×1.55
FS-110 Fused Silica 360µmx100µmx2m
FS-115 Fused Silica 360µmx150µmx2m
FS-120 Tub Fused Silica 360µmx20µmx2m
FS-150 Tub Fused Silica 360µmx50µmx2m
FS-175 Tub Fused Silica 360µmx75µmx2m
FS-310 Fused Silica Cleaving Stone
FS-311 Fused Silica Carbide Cutter
FS-315 Fused Silica Tub Cut Shortix
FS-315-02 Shortix Maintenance Kit
LT-100 LiteTouch Ferrule 1/16in
LT-100X LiteTouch Ferr 1/16in – 10pk
LT-105 Sprflangels/LiteTouch SS Nut
LT-105X SF/LT SS Nut/10pk
LT-110 LiteTouch Nut 1/16in
LT-110X LiteTouch Nut 1/16in 10pk
LT-111 LiteTouch Flangeless Ftg 1/16
LT-115 Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Nat
LT-115B Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Blue
LT-115BLK Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Black
LT-115G Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Green
LT-115GY Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Gray
LT-115OR Nut SF Short 1/16 PEEK Orange
LT-115R Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Red
LT-115X NUT,SF SHORT,1/16,PEEK,10/pk
LT-132 LiteTouch Micro Ferrule 1/32in
LT-132X LiteTouch Micro Ferr 1/32 10pk
LT-135 LiteTouch SealTight Ferr Assy
LT-135X LT SealTight Ferr Asy 10pk
LT-200 LiteTouch Ferrule 1/8in
LT-200X LiteTouch Ferrule 1/8in 10pk
LT-210 LiteTouch Nut 1/8in
LT-210X LiteTouch Nut 1/8in 10pk
LT-215 Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Nat
LT-215B Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Blu
LT-215BLK Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Blk
LT-215G Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Grn
LT-215GY Short 1/8 LT M Nut PEEK Gray
LT-215X Short 1/8 LT Nut PEEK Nat/10pk
LT-300 LiteTouch Parting Tool
LT-300-02 LiteTouch Blade
M-100 MiniTight Male Nut
M-110 Micro MiniTight Kel-F
M-120 Filter End Fitting 0.5µm PEEK
M-120X Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK/10pk
M-126 Nanofilter Cap 1µm Ti/2pk
M-128 Conductive Capsule 1µm SS 2pk
M-128NF Conductive Union – SS
M-133 Fltr Cap 1µm SS Blk/Tn 2pk
M-134 Fltr Cap 1µm Ti Tn/Blk 2pk
M-135-1 Inline MicroFilter Assy 1µm SS
M-138NF MicroUnion Capsule 1/32in
M-140 Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK-1/32
M-150 Swaging Tool TinyTight
M-152 Swaging Tool 6-32
M-200 PEEK Spacer for 1/16in Tubing
M-215 MicroFerrule Conductive 360µm
M-250 SF 10-32 FB Ferr Asy 1/16
M-250X SF 10-32 FB Ferr 1/16 10pk
M-400 Valve Adapter
M-410 Micro-Volume BPR PEEK Tubing
M-412 Micro-Volume BPR 500 psi
M-420 Micro-Volume BPR 100 psi 10µm
M-432 MIV Injection Port Adapt Assy
M-432-03 Repl Tubing/Fitting Assy
M-433 Injection Port Adapt Assy 1/32
M-447 Insulating Mtng Bracket Assy
M-500 MicroFilter Fused Silica 0.5µm
M-500-04 MicroFilter Tube & Ferr Assy
M-510 Precolumn MicroFilter Assy
M-520 Inline MicroFilter Assy
M-520-01 Inline MicrFiltr Bdy .006 thru
M-525 Inlin MicrFiltr Kit 0.5µm PEEK
M-533 Mini MicroFilter Assy 1µm
M-540 Micro Static Mixing Tee Assy
M-540A Micro Static Mix Tee No Frit
M-542 MicrFltr 1/32 Tub 2µm Screen
M-543 MicrFltr 1/32 Tub 1µm Screen
M-547 MicrFltr Asy 1/32 1µm SS Disc
M-548 MicrFltr Asy 1/32 1µm Ti Disc
M-550 Precolumn MicroFilter 0.5µm SS
M-555-1 MicroFilter 1/16 Tubing 2µm
M-560 Precolumn MicrFltr 0.5µm PEEK
M-560-1 MicrFltr 1/16 Tub 0.5µm PEEK
M-572 Conductive MicroUnion Assy
M-615-1 Manual Vlv Mountg Kit-4 port
M-615-2 Manual Vlv Mountg Kit-6 port
M-644-02 SF TinyTight Loc Rng 1/16 Tub
M-644-03 SuperFlnglss TyTight PEEK Nut
M-644-03X S,Flnglss,TyTight,PK,Nut/10pk
M-645 Fitting, FT Valco
M-645X Ftg Valco Comp 1/32 6-40 10pk
M-646 SuperFlnglss TyTight Ftg .030
M-646-01 SF TyTight Ferr PEEK Blk
M-647 TT Mstac Ferr PEEK Nat .020
M-650 SF FB Ferr Asy 1/16 SS Rg
M-650X SF,FLAT BTTM,FERR,1/16,SS/10pk
M-652 Nut SF Short Hex 1/16 PEEK Grn
M-652X Nut SF ShortHex 1/16 PEEK/10pk
M-653 Nut SF Short Knurl 1/16 PEEK
M-653X Nut SF Short Knurl PEEK/10pk
M-654 Nut SF Knurl-Hex 1/16 PEEK Grn
M-655 Nut SF Long Hex Head 1/16 PEEK
M-655X Nut SF Long Hex 1/16 PEEK/10pk
M-657 TT Mstac Ferr PEEK Blk .030
M-660 SF Nut-PEEK Nat 6-32
M-660X SF Nut-PEEK Nat 6-32/10PK
N-123-02 NanoPort Gasket FB Port
N-123-03 NanoPort Ferr FB 360/510µm
N-123-03X NanoPrt Ferr 6-32FB 360µm/10pk
N-290 Extender Tool-Nano Hdls Nut
N-291 EXTDR Torque Wrench Headless
N-333 NanoPort Hdls 10-32 Cnd 1/16
N-333-01 NanoPort 10-32 Coned
OC-416 PEEK Omega Frit w/Rg (2µm) Grn
OC-419 Omega End Ftg/Nat – Hex
OC-419BLK Omega End Fitting/Black – Hex
OC-802 Mega Frit w/Ring 2µm PCTFE Grn
OC-803 Frit PEEK 10µm .457x.077x.560
OC-805 Frit PEEK 5µm .455x.058x.560
OC-815 Frit PEEK 5µm .294x.062x.375
P-100 Male Nut PlasticTight 1/8in
P-1000 Stnd Knurl TQ Tool 4in-lbs
P-1087X Washer SS M6 1/8in 10pk
P-116 Plug Micro Ferrule
P-120 Plug PlasticTight 1/16in
P-123 Plug Tefzel 1/4-28 Hex Head
P-130 Nut PEEK 5/16-24 for 1/8 Flgls
P-131 Nut PEEK 5/16-24-1/8 LT
P-132 Nut PEEK 5/16-24 – 3/16 Flgls
P-133 Flgls Ferr 3/16 Tefzel Blue
P-133N Flgls Ferr 3/16 Tefzel Nat
P-133NX Flgls Ferr 3/16 Tfz Nat 10pk
P-133X Flgls Ferr 3/16 Tfz Blue 10pk
P-134 Union Body PEEK 5/16in
P-135 Adapt 1/4-28 x 5/16-24 PEEK
P-136 5/16-24 Nut 1/16 Flgls Ftg
P-136BLK 5/16-24 Nut 1/16 Flgls Ftg Blk
P-137 Nut SF PEEK Blk 5/16-24 – 3/16
P-137X NutSFPEEKBlk5/16-24-3/16/10Pk
P-138 Flgls Nut 5/16-24 for 3/16-4mm
P-139 PCTFE Flangless Ferrule 4mm OD
P-140 SF Ferrule Assy Tefzel 3/16in
P-140X SF Ferr Assy Tefzel 3/16/10pk
P-141 Nut PEEK SF 5/16-24 for 1/16
P-150 Manifold Assy 7 Port 1/16in
P-150-01 Manifold Body 7 Port 1/16in
P-151 Manifold Assy 7 Port 1/8in
P-151-01 Manifold Body 7 Port 1/8in
P-152 Manifold Assy 6 Port 1/16in
P-152-01 Manifold Body 6 Port 1/16in
P-153 Manifold Assy 6 Port 1/8in
P-153-01 Manifold Body 6 Port 1/8in
P-154 Manifold Assy 5 Port 1/16in
P-154-01 Manifold Body 5 Port 1/16in
P-155 Manifold Assy 5 Port 1/8in
P-155-01 Manifold Body 5 Port 1/8in
P-170 Manifold Assy 7 Port 10-32 Std
P-190 Manifold Assy 9 Port 1/8in
P-190-01 Manifold Body 9 Port 1/8in
P-191 Manifold Assy 9 Port 1/16in
P-191-01 Manifold Body 9 Port 1/16in
P-200N Flangeless Ferr 1/16in Nat
P-200NX Flangeless Ferr 1/16 Nat/10pk
P-200R Flangeless Ferrule 1/16in Red
P-200X Flangeless Ferr 1/16 Blue/10pk
P-201 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in Blk
P-202 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in Red
P-202X Male Nut 1/16in Red/10pk
P-203 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in Wht
P-204 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16 Cream
P-205 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in Grn
P-206 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16 Blue
P-207 Flgls Metric Male Nut 1/16 Blk
P-207SX Male Nut M6-1/16in Short/10PK
P-207X Male Nut Metric 1/16 Blk/10pk
P-208 Flangeless Nut 1/16 Blk Short
P-208W Flangeless Nut 1/16 Wht Short
P-210 Male Nut Extra Long
P-210N Flangeless Nut Extra Long Nat
P-213X HeadlessM6 Nut 1/16in Sht 10pk
P-215 Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel
P-215B Flgls Nut 1/16 Tefzel Blue
P-215BLK Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel Blk
P-215G Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel Grn
P-215R Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel Red
P-215Y Flgls Nut 1/16 Tefzel Yellow
P-217 Sprflangels Nut 1/16in PPS M6
P-217X SF Nut 1/16in PPS M6 10pk
P-218 Short Flangeless Nut 1/16
P-218B Short Tefzel Nut 1/16 Blue
P-218BLK Short Tefzel Nut 1/16 Black
P-219 Short 1/16 LT Male Nut PEEK M6
P-219X Short 1/16 LT Nut PEEK M6 10pk
P-220 Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Nat
P-220B Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Blu
P-220BLK Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Blk
P-220G Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Grn
P-220R Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Red
P-220Y Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Yel
P-221 Flangeless Ferr 1/16 Polyprop
P-225 M6 Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel
P-225YX M6 Flgls Nut 1/16 Tefzel/10pk
P-226 Flgls Nut 1/16 Tub PFA M6
P-229 One Piece FB 1/16 M6 Assy
P-229X One Piece FB 1/16 M6 10pk
P-230 Flangeless Nut PEEK 1/16in
P-230BLK Flangeless Nut PEEK 1/16in Blk
P-232 SF Headless Nut 1/16 Short
P-232X SF Hdls Nut 1/16 Short 10pk
P-235B Flgls Nut 1/16 PEEK Short Blue
P-235X Flgls Nut 1/16 PEEK Short/10pk
P-238 Flgls Male Nut 1/16 Purple
P-240 Flangeless Ferrule 1/16 Tefzel
P-240X Flgls Ferr 1/16 Tefzel/10pk
P-245 Flangeless Nut 1/16in PFA
P-245B Flangeless Nut 1/16in PFA Blue
P-246 Sprflangels Nut 1/16in PFA Nat
P-246X SF Nut 1/16 PFA Nat/10pk
P-247 Flgls Nut Short M6 PEEK Blk
P-247X Flgls Nut Short M6 PEEK/10pk
P-248 Sprflangels Ferr Assy 1/32 Grn
P-248X SuperFlnglss Ferr 1/32/10pk
P-249 One Piece FB 1/16 Assy
P-249X One Piece FB 1/16 10pk
P-250 SF Ferr w/SS Ring 1/16in PEEK
P-251 Sprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16in
P-252 Sprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16in
P-252BLK Sprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16in Blk
P-252X Sprflangels Nut 1/16 Delr 10pk
P-255 Sprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16 PEEK
P-255B Sprflangels Nut 1/16 PEEK Blue
P-255BLK Sprflangels Nut 1/16 PEEK Blk
P-255R Sprflangels Nut 1/16 PEEK Red
P-255X Sprflangels Ftg Nut PEEK/10pk
P-258-01 Sprflangels Ferr Tefzel Yellow
P-258-01B Sprflangels Ferr Tefzel Blue
P-259 SF Ferr w/SS Rg 1/16 Tefzel
P-260 SuperFlangeless Ferrule PEEK
P-260X Sprflangels Ferr PEEK/10pk
P-268 Extender Tool for 1/4in hex
P-270 Frit Ferr 2µm SF PEEK SS Rg
P-272 Frit in Ferr 2µm SS/PCTFE Grn
P-273 Frit Ferr 0.5µm SS/PCTFE Blue
P-274 Frit Ferr 2µm SF PEEK SS Rg
P-275 Frit Ferr 0.5µm SF PEEK SS Rg
P-276 Frit Ferr 10µm SF ETFE SS Rg
P-277 Extender Tool-MicroNut
P-278 Extender Tool for Micro F Nut
P-279 Extender Tool-MicroNut
P-281 SuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PPS
P-283 Headless Nut 1/16in Short
P-286 Flgls Nut 1/16 PPS Headless
P-287 Sprflangels Nut 1/16 PPS Hdls
P-287X SF Nut 1/16 PPS Hdls 10pk
P-288 Flgls Nut 1/16 PPS Headless M6
P-289 SF Nut 1/16 PPS Hdlss M6
P-290 Inject Port for injection vlvs
P-291 Extender Tool Std Head Hex Drv
P-292 Extend Hdls for Torque Wrench
P-295 Adj Injection Port Adapter
P-296 Tub/Ferr Assy for Adj. j. Port
P-297 Extender Tool-Headless Nut
P-298 Extender Tool Delr-Flgls Nut
P-299 Extender Tool-Flangeless Nut
P-300 Flangeless Ferr 1/8in Yellow
P-300N Flangeless Ferr 1/8in Nat
P-300NX Flangeless Ferr 1/8in Nat/10pk
P-300X Flangeless Ferr 1/8 Yello 10pk
P-301 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Blk
P-301X Flgls Male Nut 1/8 Blk/10pk
P-302 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Red
P-303 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Wht
P-304 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 Cream
P-305 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Grn
P-305X Flgls Male Nut 1/8 Grn 10pk
P-306 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Blue
P-307 Flnglss Metric M Nut 1/8-Blk
P-307S Male Nut Short M6 – 1/8in
P-307SX Male Nut Short M6 – 1/8in/10PK
P-307X Flnglss Nut M6 1/8/10pk
P-308 Flangeless Short Nut 1/8 – Blk
P-308W Flangeless Short Nut 1/8 – Wht
P-309 Flange Type Ftg Plug – Blk
P-310N Male Nut Extra Long 1/8 Tub
P-311 Plug Tefzel – 1/4-28
P-312 Lock Nut – Flangeless Fitting
P-312X Lock Nut Flangeless Ftg /10pk
P-314 Plug Tefzel – M6 x1
P-314N Plug Tefzel Natural – M6 x1
P-315 Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in
P-315B Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 Blue
P-315BLK Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 Blk
P-315G Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 Grn
P-315R Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 Red
P-315Y Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Yellow
P-317 Sprflangels Nut 1/8in PPS M6
P-318 Flangeless Nut 1/8in Short
P-318B Flngls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short
P-318BLK Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short Blk
P-318G Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short Grn
P-318R Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short Red
P-318Y Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short
P-319 SF Nut 1/8 PEEK M6 Short
P-319X SF Nut 1/8 PEEK M6 Short 10pk
P-320 Flangeless Nut Polyprop 1/8in
P-320B Flgls Nut Polyprop 1/8 Blue
P-320BLK Flgls Nut Polyprop 1/8 Blk
P-320OR Flgls Nut Polyprop 1/8 Orange
P-321 Plug PEEK Nat 1/4-28
P-325 Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 M6
P-326 Flangeless Nut PFA 1/8 Blk M6
P-329 One Piece FB 1/8 M6 Assy
P-329X One Piece FB 1/8 M6 10pk
P-330B Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK Blue
P-330BLK Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK Blk
P-330G Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK Grn
P-330OR Nut Flangeless 1/8 PEEK Orange
P-330R Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK Red
P-330X Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK/10pk
P-330Y Nut Flangeless 1/8 PEEK Yellow
P-331 Sprflangels Nut 1/8in PEEK Nat
P-331B Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK Blue
P-331BLK Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK Blk
P-331G Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK Gr
P-331OR Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK Or
P-331X SF Nut 1/8in PEEK Nat 10pk
P-331Y SF Nut 1/8 PEEK Yellow
P-332 Sprflangels Nut 1/8 Delr Blk
P-332B Sprflangels Nut 1/8 Delr Blue
P-332X Sprflangels Nut 1/8 Delr/10pk
P-335 Nut Flangeless Short 1/8 PEEK
P-335B Nut Flgls Short 1/8 PEEK Blue
P-335G Nut Flgls Short 1/8 PEEK Grn
P-335OR Flgls Nut PEEK 1/8 Short
P-335R Nut Flgls Short 1/8 PEEK Red
P-335X Nut Flgls Short 1/8 PEEK/10pk
P-335Y Flgls Nut PEEK 1/8 Short
P-336 SF Nut 1/8 Short Hdlss
P-336X SF Nut 1/8 Short Hdlss 10pk
P-337X SF Nut Short Hdls M6-1/8 10pk
P-338 Nut Flangeless 1/8 Delr Purple
P-340 Flangeless Ferrule 1/8in
P-340X Flangeless Ferrule 1/8in/10pk
P-342 Flangeless Ferrule 1.8mm
P-342X Flangeless Ferrule 1.8mm/10pk
P-343 Flangeless Ferrule 3mm
P-343X Flangeless Ferrule 3mm/10pk
P-344 Flangeless Ferrule 4mmOD Tfzl
P-344X Flgless Ferrule 4mmOD Tfzl 10p
P-345 Flangeless Nut Teflon 1/8in
P-345X Flangeless Nut Teflon 1/8 10pk
P-347 Nut Flgls Short M6 PEEK Blk
P-347B Nut Flgls Short M6 PEEK Blue
P-347BX Nut Flgls Short M6 PEEK/10pk
P-347X Nut Flgls Short M6 PEEK/10pk
P-348 Short Headless Nut 1/8in
P-349 One Piece FB 1/8 Assy
P-349X One Piece FB 1/8 10pk
P-350 SF Ferr w/SS Ring 1/8in PEEK
P-350X Sprflangels Ferr PEEK 1/8 10pk
P-352 SuperFlangeless Ferrule M6
P-352X Sprflangels Ferr M6/10pk
P-353 Flangeless Ferr 2.5mm Tube
P-353X Flangeless Ferr 2.5mm Tub/10pk
P-355 SF Ferrule 1.8mm
P-355X SF Ferrule 1.8mm x 2mm/10pk
P-357 Two-Piece SF Ftg PEEK 2mm OD
P-357-1 SF Nut 2mm PEEK M6 Short
P-357-2 SF Ferrule w/SS Ring 2mm PEEK
P-357-2-01 SuperFlangeless Ferrule 2mm
P-357-2X Sprflangels Ferr 2mm/10pk
P-357X SF Ftg PEEK 2mm OD/10pk
P-359 Sprflangels Ferr Assy Tfzl 1/8
P-359-01 SF Ferrule Tefzel (Yel)
P-359X SF Ferr Asy Tfzl 1/8 10pk
P-360 SuperFlangeless Ferrule 1/8in
P-360X Sprflangels Ferr 1/8in 10pk
P-362 Short Hdls M6 Nut 2.5mm Tub
P-363R Flangeless Ferrule 2.0mm
P-363RX Flangeless Ferrule 2.0mm 10pk
P-366 SF Ferr 2.5mm PEEK Nat M6
P-366X SF Ferr 2.5mm PEEK Nat M6 10pk
P-370 Frit Ferr 2µm SF PEEK SS Rg
P-371X Frit Ferr 0.5µm SF PEEK/10pk
P-372 Frit in Ferr 2µm SS/PCTFE Grn
P-373 Frit Ferr 0.5µm SS/PCTFE Blue
P-374 Frit Ferr 2µm SF PEEK SS Rg
P-381 SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PPS
P-387 Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PPS Hdls
P-387X SF Nut 1/8 PPS Hdls 10pk
P-398 Extender Tool 8mm Hex
P-399 Extender Tool Short-Flgls Nut
P-400 SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PFA
P-401 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Blk
P-401-01 Flanged Nut 1/16in – Black
P-401X Flanged Fitting 1/16 Blk 10pk
P-402 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Red
P-403 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Wht
P-405 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Grn
P-406 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Blue
P-407-01 Washer SS 1/16in
P-407X Washer SS 1/16in 10pk
P-408 Flanged Fitting Plug – 1/4-28
P-411 Plug PEEK Blk ZDV 6-32 Port
P-416 Female Nut (Micro Fittings)
P-416BLK Female Nut 5/16-24 PEEK Black
P-417 Fem Nut 5/16-24 PEEK Nat 1/8
P-420 Fem Nut PEEK Nat for 1/16 Tub
P-430 Elbow Assy PEEK – 1/16in
P-430-01 Elbow Body PEEK 1/4-28 .020
P-432 Elbow Assy PEEK – 1/8in
P-432-01 Elbow Body PEEK 1/4-28 .062
P-440 Union Assy PEEK 1/16 Bulkhead
P-440-01 Union Body PEEK 1/16 Bulkhead
P-441 Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441-01 Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441-01BLK Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441-01N Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441B Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441BLK Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441G Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441N Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-442 Union Assy PEEK M6 Bulkhead
P-445 Micro Ming vlv Assy 1/4-28
P-445NF Micro Ming vlv – No Ftgs
P-446 Micro Metering Valve Assy 1/16
P-446NF Micro Vlv Assy No Fittings
P-447 Micro Metering Valve Assy 1/8
P-450 Micro-Splitter vlv Assy 1/4-28
P-451 Micro-Splitter vlv Assy 10-32
P-455 BPR Assembly 1000 psi Biocomp
P-460S Micro-Split Vlv 10-32 Hi Press
P-460T Stream Split Hi Press Titanium
P-465 BPR Hldr Assy – Bio
P-470 Micro-Splitter vlv 10-32 Grad
P-482B Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 – Blue
P-482BLK Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 – Blk
P-482C Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 Cream
P-482G Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 – Grn
P-482T Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 Tefzel
P-482T-01 Flanged Nut Knurl 1/16 Tefzel
P-501 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in – Blk
P-501X Flanged Fitting 1/8 Blk 10pk
P-502 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in – Red
P-503 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in – Wht
P-504 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8 – Cream
P-505 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in – Grn
P-506 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8 – Blue
P-507-01 Washer SS 1/8in
P-507X Washer SS 1/8in 10pk
P-508 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8 – Gray
P-512 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .020in
P-512-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .020in
P-513 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .040in
P-513-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .040in
P-514 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .060in
P-514-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .060in
P-515 Y Assy PEEK 5/16-24 .125in
P-515-01 Y Body PEEK 5/16-24 .125in
P-520 Plug SS 10-32 Coned w 5/16 Hex
P-550 Col Plug, PEEK Nat 10-32
P-550BLK Plug PEEK Blk 10-32 Extra Long
P-551 Col Plug PEEK Natural 10-32
P-551BLK Col Plug PEEK Black 10-32
P-552 Ftg Plug for Valco Comp Port
P-553 MicroTight Gauge Plug 6-32
P-554 MicroTight Gauge Plug 10-32
P-555 MicroTight Plug 6-32 PEEK
P-556 Plug PEEK 5/16-24
P-557 Plug Delrin White – 5/16-24
P-558 Plug PEEK Green 6-40 FB
P-559 Plug PEEK Nat 6-32 FB
P-582B Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/8in Blue
P-582T Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/8 Tefzel
P-600 Adapt Body PEEK Btle Capx6-32
P-602 Union Delr Blk M6 Fem x M6 Fem
P-603 Union Delr Wht 1/4-28×1/4-28
P-604 Female Luer x 1/4-28 Male Delr
P-605 Male Luer x 1/4-28 Male – Delr
P-606 Union Delr Blk M6 Fem .060thru
P-612 Pressure Relief Valve Tee Assy
P-612-01 Pressure Relief Valve Tee Body
P-612S Press Relief Vlv Asy 5/16-24
P-615 Union Assy PEEK 1/8in x 1/8in
P-618 Fem Luerx1/4-28 Male Polyprop
P-618L Luer Polyprop F1/4-28 1/8
P-619 Male Luer 1/4-28 Male Polyprop
P-620 Union Body Polyprop 1/4-28
P-621 Adapt Body Tefzel 1/4-28xM6
P-622 Union Body Tefzel M6 x 1
P-623 Union Tefzel 1/4-28×1/4-28
P-624 Female Luerx1/4-28 Male Tefzel
P-625 Male Luer x 1/4-28 Male Tefzel
P-626 Adapt Asy 10-32 x M6 .020 thru
P-626-01 Adapt Body 10-32 Fem x M6 Fem
P-627 Adapt Asy 10-32×1/4-28 .020
P-627-01 Adapt Body 10-32 Fx1/4-28 F
P-628 Female Luer – Female Union
P-628P Female Luer – Female Union 1/8
P-628S Female Luer – Female Union
P-629 Fem Luerx10-32 Fem Tefzel
P-629BLK Female Luer Female Union Blk
P-630 Union Assy Tefzel – 1/16in Tub
P-631 Union Assy Tefzel – 1/8in Tube
P-632 Tee Asy Tefzel 1/16 .020 thru
P-632-01 Tee Body Tefzel .020 thru
P-633 Tee Asy Tefzel 1/8 – .050 thru
P-633-01 Tee Body Tefzel .050 thru
P-634 Cross Asy Tefzel 1/16 .020
P-634-01 Cross Body Tefzel .020in thru
P-635 Cross Asy Tefzel 1/8 .050 thru
P-635-01 Cross Body Tefzel .050in thru
P-636 Adapt – 10-32M x 10-32F – PEEK
P-639 Adapt 1/16 Barbx10-32 FB PEEK
P-640 Adapt Assy F-200 x 1/4-28 Male
P-642 Adapt – Fem Luer to FngrTt
P-642BLK Adapt – Fem Luer to FngrTt-Blk
P-643 Adapt Hi Press 10-32×1/4-28
P-645 Mounting Stud – Kel-F
P-646 Adapt 1/16 Barbx1/4-28M ETFE
P-647 Adapt Body 1/8 M Barbx1/4-28 M
P-648 Adapt 3/16 Barb x 1/4-28 Male
P-649 Adapt Body 1/4-28 Mx5/16-24 F
P-650 Adapt – M6 x 10-32 Std – PEEK
P-652 Adapt – 1/4-28 x 10-32 – PEEK
P-653 Adapt Metric Extra Long PEEK
P-654 Adapt – Extra Long – PEEK
P-655 1/4-28 Female – Male Luer Assy
P-655-01 1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Nut
P-656 10-32 Female to Male Luer Assy
P-656-01 10-32 Female to Male Luer Nut
P-657 Luer Asy M6 Female to Male
P-658 1/4-28 Female to Female Luer
P-659 10-32 Female to Female Luer
P-660 Luer M6 Female to Female
P-661 Adapt F Luerx5/16-24 M ETFE
P-662 Female Luer to MicroTight Assy
P-662-01 Female Luer to MicroTight Body
P-663 Adapt – 1/16 Barb x 10-32 Male
P-664 Adapt – 1/8 Barb x 10-32 Male
P-665 Adapt – 3/16 Barb x 10-32 Male
P-668 Adapt 1/16 Barbx1/4-28 PEEK
P-669 Adapt Assy PEEK 10-32 x 1/4-28
P-669-01 Adapt PEEK 10-32Fx1/4-28M
P-670 Adapt M6 Femx1/4-28 Male PCTFE
P-671 Adapt Body 1/4-28 Fx1/4-28 M
P-672 Adapt 1/4-28 x 10-32 FB PEEK
P-673 Adapt – 5/16-24 Fem x M6 Male
P-674 Adapt 5/16-24Fx1/4-28Mx.040
P-675 1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Asy
P-675-01 1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Red
P-676 10-32F to M Luer Asy Tefzel
P-677 M6 Fem to Male Luer Asy Tefzel
P-677-01 M6 Fem to Male Luer-Tefzel Blk
P-678 1/4-28 Fem to Fem Luer Tefzel
P-679 10-32 Fem to Fem Luer Tefzel
P-680 Luer Tefzel Blk M6 Fem-Fem
P-681 Adapt 5/16-24Fx1/4-28Mx.125
P-683 1/4-28 Male to Luer Lock Assy
P-683-01 1/4-28 Male to Luer Lock Male
P-684 Adapt 1/2-20 Fx1/4-28 M PCTFE
P-686 Female Luer – M6 Tefzel Black
P-689 Adapt 3/16 Barb x 5/16-24 Male
P-690 Tefzel Conical Adapter Body
P-691 Tefzel Peri Adpt (2.4mm-3.2mm)
P-692 Conical Adapter Body PEEK
P-693 Adapt Long 1/4-28Fx1/4-28M
P-694 Adpt 1/4-28 Female to M6 Male
P-696 Quick St Luer Check vlv Assy
P-697 Quick Stop Luer Check Valve
P-699 Bulkhead Quick Stop Luer CV
P-702 Union Assy PEEK .020 thru 1/16
P-702-01 Union Body PEEK .020 thru 1/16
P-703 Union Assy PEEK .050 thru 1/8
P-703-01 Union Body PEEK .050in thru
P-704 Union PEEK .020 10-32
P-704-01 Union Body .020 -10-32 Thrd
P-705 Union Asy PEEK .020 Hi Press
P-706 Union Asy PEEK .050 Hi Press
P-708-02 Luer Lock Hub – PEEK Black
P-710 Tefzel Union w/.030 thru
P-710-01 Tefzel Union Body w/.030 thru
P-712 Tee Assy 1/16in PEEK .020 thru
P-712-01 PEEK Tee Body w/.020 thru
P-712-01R PEEK Tee Body (Red) .020 thru
P-713 Tee Assy 1/8in PEEK .050 thru
P-713-01 PEEK Tee Body w/.050 thru
P-714 Tee Assy 1/16in PEEK .040 thru
P-714-01 PEEK Tee Body w/.040 thru
P-715 Tee Asy PEEK .020 Hi Press
P-716 Tee Asy PEEK .050 Hi Press
P-718 Adapt 1/4-28 Femx5/16-24 Male
P-719 Female Luer to 10-32 Male PEEK
P-720 Union Assy MicroTight PEEK
P-720-01 Union Body MicroTight PEEK
P-720-01BLK Union Body MicroTight PEEK Blk
P-721 Shut Off Vlv Asy Tefzel .040
P-721A Shut Off vlv .040 thru o Ftgs
P-722 Cross Assy PEEK .020in thru
P-722-01 Cross Body PEEK w/.020in thru
P-723 Cross Assy PEEK .050in thru
P-723-01 Cross Body PEEK w/.050in thru
P-724 Adapt PCTFE M6Fx5/16-24M
P-726 Cross Asy PEEK .050 Hi Press
P-727 PEEK Tee .020 thru hole/F-300
P-727-01 PEEK Tee Body .020/10-32 Thrd
P-728 Tee Asy PEEK .050 thru Hi Pres
P-728-01 PEEK Tee Body .050/10-32 Thrd
P-729 Cross Asy PEEK .020 F-300
P-729-01 Cross Body PEEK .020 /10-32
P-730 Cross Asy PEEK .050 thru F-300
P-730-01 Cross Body PEEK .050 /10-32
P-731S PEEK Drain Valve – SS Needle
P-732 2-Way vlv Bio w/ 1/16in Ftgs
P-732A 2-Way Valve Bio w/o Fittings
P-733 2-Way vlv Bio w/ 1/8in Ftgs
P-733A 2-Way Valve Bio
P-739-01 Cross Body PEEK w/.030in thru
P-742 Union Asy PEEK .010 10-32
P-742-01 Union Body PEEK .010in thru
P-753 Sparging Relief Valve
P-754 Tefzel Cap – 1/16in Male Nut
P-754BLK Tefzel Cap – 1/16 Male Nut-Blk
P-755 Tefzel Cap for 1/4-28 Nut
P-756 Tefzel Cap for M6 Nut
P-757 Peristaltic Tubing Adapter Set
P-759 Large Plastic Tub Coiler Clip
P-759-01 Large Plastic Tubing Coiler
P-760 Union Asy PEEK 10-32 .050 Ftgs
P-760-01 Union Body PEEK .050in
P-761 BPR Cartridge 40 psi Gold Coat
P-762 BPR Cartridge 75 psi Gold Coat
P-763 BPR Cartridge 100psi Gold Coat
P-764 BPR Cartridge 250psi Gold Coat
P-765 BPR Cartridge 500psi Gold Coat
P-767 Peristaltic Tubing Adapter Set
P-768 BPR Cartridge 5 psi
P-769 BPR Cartridge 20 psi
P-770 Adapt – ZDV – PEEK
P-770-01 MicroTight Adapter Body PEEK
P-771 Union Micro PEEK for 1/32 Tub
P-771-01 Union Micro PEEK for 1/32 Tub
P-772 Union Assy .015 MicroTight II
P-772-01 Union Body MicroTight II
P-775 MicroTee Assembly .025in
P-775-01 MicroTee Body PEEK
P-777 MicroCross Assy .025in
P-777-01 MicroCross Body PEEK
P-780 Tubing Expanding Awl
P-782 2-Way vlv Tefzel w/ 1/16 Ftgs
P-782NF 2-Way vlv Tefzel w/o Ftgs
P-783 2-Way vlv Tefzel w/ 1/8in Ftgs
P-783-01 2-Way vlv Tefzel w/o Ftgs
P-785 BPR Assembly 40 psi – Biocomp
P-786 BPR Assembly 75 psi – Biocomp
P-787 BPR Assembly 100 psi – Biocomp
P-788 BPR Assembly 250 psi – Biocomp
P-789 BPR Assembly 500 psi – Biocomp
P-790 BPR Assembly 5 psi w/Cartridge
P-791 BPR Assembly 20 psi Cartridge
P-794 PeriTub 1/16 ConAdap 0.5-0.8mm
P-795 BPR Cartridge 750 psi
P-796 BPR Cartridge 1000 psi
P-797 PeriTub 1/16 ConAdap 1.6-2.4mm
P-798 PeriTub 1/8 Con Adap 1.6-2.4mm
P-799 PeriTub 1/8 Con Adap 2.4-3.2mm
P-800 Tee Assy 1/8in PEEK .062 thru
P-800-01 Tee Body PEEK w/.062in Hole
P-801 Connector Barbed 1/16 x 1/16
P-802 Connector Barbed 1/8 x 1/8
P-803 Connector Barbed 3/16 x 3/16
P-805 Connector Barbed 3/8 x 3/8
P-807 Reducer Barbed 1/16 x 1/8
P-808 Reducer Barbed 3/16 x 1/8
P-809 Reducer Barbed 1/4 x 3/16
P-810 Reducer Barbed 3/8 x 1/4
P-830 Female Luer Ftg System – 1/8
P-830-02 Luer Ferrule 1/8in
P-830T Set Plug for LuerTights
P-831 Adapt Male Luer -1/8in
P-834-01 Adapt Body PEEK 1/4-28/6-40 FB
P-835 Female Luer Ftg System – 1/16
P-836 Adapt Male Luer -1/16in
P-836-02 LuerTight Ferr 1/16in Yellow
P-837 LuerTight System 1/16in
P-838 LuerTight System 1/8in
P-840 VacuTight Ferrule Tefzel Red
P-842 VacuTight Fttg – Hex
P-842-01 VacuTight Fttg – Hex 10-32 Red
P-842X VacuTight Fttg – Hex/10pk
P-844 VacuTight Fttg – Headless
P-844-01 VacuTight Nut – Headless 10-32
P-844X VacuTight Headless 10pk
P-845-01 VacuTight Union
P-846 VacuTight Headless Long
P-846-01 VacuTight Nut – Headless Long
P-846X VacuTight Headless Long 10pk
P-849 Plug Delr – 10-32 Flat Bottom
P-850 Luer Lock Male 1/16in Barb
P-851 Luer Lock Male 3/32in Barb
P-852 Luer Lock Male 1/8in Barb
P-853 Luer Lock Male 5/32in Barb
P-854 Luer Male – 1/16in Barb
P-855 Luer Male – 3/32in Barb
P-856 Luer Male – 1/8in Barb
P-857 Luer Female – 1/16in Barb
P-858 Luer Female – 3/32in Barb
P-859 Luer Female – 1/8in Barb
P-860 Y Barbed 1/16in
P-861 Y Barbed 3/32in
P-862 Y Barbed 1/8in
P-863 Y Barbed 3/16in
P-864 Y Barbed 1/4in
P-870 Fem Luer-Barb 1/16 ID Tefzel
P-871 Fem Luer-Barb 3/32 ID Tefzel
P-872 Fem Luer-Barb 1/8 ID Tefzel
P-874 MicroElbow Assy w/Mountg Hole
P-875 MicroTee Assy w/Mounting Hole
P-880 Adjustable BPR
P-881 ADAPT,PK,RED,1/16×1/32,W/FITG
P-881-01 Adapt Body PEEK Red 1/16×1/32
P-882 Adapt PEEK 1/16×360µm Ftngs
P-882-01 Adapt Body PEEK Blu 1/16×360µm
P-885-01 MicroTee Body PEEK 1/32in
P-887 MicroCross PEEK 1/32in w/Ftgs
P-887-01 MicroCross Body PEEK 1/32in
P-888 MicroTee PEEK 360µm w/Fittings
P-888-01 MicroTee Body PEEK 360µm
P-889 MicroCross PEEK 360µm w/Ftgs
P-889-01 MicroCross Body PEEK 360µm
P-890 MicroTee Assy PEEK – 1/16in
P-890-01 MicroTee Body PEEK – 1/16in
P-891 MicroCross Assy PEEK – 1/16in
P-920-01 Adapt 10-32 Fem x M6 Male PEEK
P-930 VacuTight Fttg 1/4-28 – 1/16
P-930-01 VacuTight Nut 1/4-28 – 1/16
P-930X VacTht Fttg 1/4-28 – 1/16 10pk
P-931X VacuTight Fttg M6 – 1/16 10pk
P-932 VcTgt Fttg 1/4-28 – 1/16 Short
P-933X VcTgt Fttg M6 1/16 Short 10pk
P-934 VcTgt Ftg Headless 1/4-28 1/16
P-938 VacTht Fttg 1/4-28 – 1/16 PEEK
P-938X VcTgt 1/4-28 1/16 PEEK 10pk
P-940 VacuTight Ferrule 1/8in
P-940X VacuTight Ferrule 1/8in/10pk
P-942 VacuTight Fttg 1/4-28 – 1/8
P-942X VacTht Fttg 1/4-28 – 1/8 10pk
P-943-01 VacuTight Nut M6 – 1/8
P-944 VacTht Fttg 1/4-28 – 1/8 Short
P-945 VacuTight Fttg M6 – 1/8 Short
P-945X VcTgt Fttg M6 – 1/8 Short 10pk
P-946 VcTgt Fttg Headless 1/4-28 1/8
P-947X VacTht Headless M6 – 1/8 10pk
P-948 VacTht Fttg 1/4-28 – 1/8 PEEK
P-948X VcTgt Ftg 1/4-28 1/8 PEEK 10pk
P-982BLKX Flanged Ftg Knurl M6 1/16 10pk
PK-100X LT Ferr Asy 1/16 PK/10pk
PK-110X LT Nut 1/16 Polyketone/10pk
PK-112 UHP MicroFerrule 1/32in
PK-120BLK FingerTight I – PEEK
PK-120BLKX FngrTt I – Polyketone/10pk
PK-124 MicTgt Ftg UHP 6/32 360µm
PK-124X MicTgt Ftg UHP 6/32 360µm 10pk
PK-126 MicroTight Ftg UHP 6-32 1/32
PK-126H MicTgt Hdls Ftg UHP 6/32 1/32
PK-132 LT Micro Ferr Asy 1/32 PK
PK-132X LT Micro Ferr 1/32 PK-10pk
PK-152 UHP MicroFerrule 360µm
PK-250X SF Ferr 1/16 Polyketone 10pk
PM-1000-F Tub FEP Nat .062 x .030
PM-1014-F Tub FEP Nat .062 x .035
PM-1022 Tub FEP Nat .062 x .022
PM-1043-F Tub PFA Nat .062 x .042
PM-1044-F Tub PFA Nat .062 x .040
PM-1045-F Tub FEP Nat .125 x .045
PM-1061BLK-F Tub FEP Blk .0305 x 100µm
PM-1062R-F Tub FEP Red .0305 x 125µm
PM-1065-F Tub FEP Nat .0305 x 205µm
PM-1066B-F Tub FEP Blu .0305 x 230µm
PM-1069 Tub FEP Nat .81mm x 100µm
PM-1073-F Tub FEP Nat .0305 x 400µm
PM-1100-F Tub FEP Nat .124 x .062
PM-1110-F Tub FEP Nat .125 x .062
PM-1138R-F Tub FEP Red .062 x 125µm
PM-1140-F Tub FEP Nat .124 x .080
PM-1144Y-F Tub FEP Yel .062 x 180µm
PM-1145-F Tub FEP Nat .124 x .085
PM-1148BLK-F Tub FEP Blk .062 x .004
PM-1148-F Tub FEP Nat .062 x .004
PM-1200-F Tub FEP Nat .181 x .125
PM-1204-F Tub FEP Nat .250 x .188
PM-1210-F Tub FEP Nat .062 x .020
PM-1215-F Tub FEP Nat .062 x .0155
PM-1220 Tub FEP Nat .085 x .053
PM-1238-F Tub FEP Nat .312 x .250
PM-1240-F Tub FEP Nat .188 x .125
PM-1300-F Tub FEP Nat .062 x .010
PM-1420-F Tub PFA Nat .062 x .020
PM-1421-F Tub HPFA .0625 x .020
PM-1430-F Tub PFA Nat .062 x .030
PM-1431-F Tub HPFA .0625 x .030
PM-1440-F Tub PFA Nat .124 x .062
PM-1441-F Tub HPFA .124 x .062
PM-1447-F Tub HPFA .250 x .188
PM-1450-F Tub HPFA+ .062 x .010
PM-1451-F Tub HPFA+ .062 x .020
PM-1452-F Tub HPFA+ .062 x .030
PM-1453-F Tub HPFA+ .124 x .062
PM-1499-F Tub Tfzl Nat .062 x .007
PM-1500-F Tub Tfzl Nat .062 x .010
PM-1502-F Tub Tfzl Nat .062 x .012
PM-1550-F Tub Tfzl Nat .062 x .020
PM-1600-F Tub Tfzl Nat .062 x .030
PM-1640-F Tub Tfzl Nat .062 x .040
PM-1700-F Tub Tfzl Nat .124 x .062
PM-1750-F Tub Tfzl Nat .125 x .093
PM-1803P Tub PEEK Pur .062 x .003
PM-1804BLK-F Tub PEEK Blk .062 x 100µm
PM-1805-F Tub PEEK Nat .062 x 25µm
PM-1819BLK Tub PEEK Blk .040 x .017
PM-1819-F Tub PEEK Nat .040 x .017
PM-1819OR Tub PEEK Ora .040 x .017
PM-1819P Tub PEEK Pur .040 x .017
PM-1819R Tub PEEK Red .040 x .017
PM-1819Y Tub PEEK Yel .040 x .017
PM-1820B-F Tub PEEK Blu .062 x .030
PM-1820BLK-F Tub PEEK Blk .062 x .030
PM-1820-F Tub PEEK Nat .062 x .030
PM-1820G-F Tub PEEK Grn .062 x .030
PM-1835-F Tub PEEK Nat .062 x 65µm
PM-1850 Tub PEEK Nat .110 x .020
PM-1850B Tub PEEK Blu .110 x .020
PM-1850BLK Tub PEEK Blk .110 x .020
PM-1850OR Tub PEEK Ora .110 x .020
PM-1850R Tub PEEK Red .110 x .020
PM-1876OR-F Tub PEEK Ora .0305 x .020
PM-1877-F Tub PEEK Nat .0305 x .015
PM-1878-F Tub PEEK Nat .0305 x .010
PM-1880Y-F Tub PEEK Yel .0305 x 180µm
PM-1881R-F Tub PEEK Red .0305 x 125µm
PM-1930-F Tub PEEK Nat .124 x .062
PM-1945-F Tub PEEK Nat .062 x 125µm
PM-1945R-F Tub PEEK Red .062 x 125µm
PM-1950Y-F Tub PEEK Yel .062 x 180µm
PM-1960B-F Tub PEEK Blu .062 x .010
PM-1960-F Tub PEEK Nat .062 x .010
PM-1960G Tub PEEK Grn .062 x .010
PM-1970-F Tub PEEK Nat .062 x .020
PM-1970OR-F Tub PEEK Ora .062 x .020
PM-1980-F Tub PEEK Nat .124 x .080
PM-2020-F Tub PEEK Nat .062 x .040
PM-2030-F Tub PEEK Nat .062 x .055
PM-2300-F Tub FEP Nat 1mm x 0.5mm
PM-2320-F Tub FEP Nat 2mm x 1mm
PM-2330-F Tub FEP Nat 3mm x 2mm
PM-2500GR-F Tub PEEK Gry .062 x .015
PM-2604R-F Tub PEEK Red .0145 x 100µm
PM-2606Y-F Tub PEEK Yel .0145 x 150µm
PM-2614B-F Tub PEEK Blu .0305 x .010
PM-2700 Tub PEEK Nat .0236 x 160µm
PM-2718 Tub PEEK Nat .062 x .0027
U-101 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 5cm
U-102 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 10cm
U-103 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 20cm
U-104 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 30cm
U-105 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
U-106 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
U-107 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
U-108 Tub SS 1/16 x 180µm x 5ft
U-111 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 5cm
U-1113 Tub SS 1/32 x 100µm x 25mm
U-1114 Tub SS 1/32 x 100µm x 5cm
U-1115 Tub SS 1/32 x 100µm x 10cm
U-1116 Tub SS 1/32 x 100µm x 20cm
U-1117 Tub SS 1/32 x 100µm x 30cm
U-112 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 10cm
U-1120 Tub SS 1/32 x 150µm x 5cm
U-1122 Tub SS 1/32 x 150µm x 20cm
U-1123 Tub SS 1/32 x 150µm x 30cm
U-1125 Tub SS 1/32 x 205µm x 5cm
U-1126 Tub SS 1/32 x 205µm x 10cm
U-1128 Tub SS 1/32 x 205µm x 30cm
U-113 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 20cm
U-1130 Tub SS 1/32 x .010 x 5cm
U-1131 Tub SS 1/32 x .010 x 10cm
U-1132 Tub SS 1/32 x .010 x 20cm
U-1133 Tub SS 1/32 x .010 x 30cm
U-114 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 30cm
U-1140 Tub SS 1/32 x .015 x 5cm
U-1141 Tub SS 1/32 x .015 x 10cm
U-1142 Tub SS 1/32 x .015 x 20cm
U-1143 Tub SS 1/32 x .015 x 30cm
U-1145 Tub SS 1/32 x .018 x 5cm
U-1146 Tub SS 1/32 x .018 x 10cm
U-1148 Tub SS 1/32 x .018 x 30cm
U-115 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 5cm
U-116 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 10cm
U-117 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 20cm
U-118 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 30cm
U-126 Tub SS 1/16 x 180µm x 5cm
U-127 Tub SS 1/16 x 180µm x 10cm
U-128 Tub SS 1/16 x 180µm x 20cm
U-129 Tub SS 1/16 x 180µm x 30cm
U-130 Tub SS 1/16 x 180µm x 0.5m
U-131 Tub SS 1/16 x 180µm x 1m
U-132 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 0.5m
U-133 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 1m
U-134 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 0.5m
U-135 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 1m
U-136 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 0.5m
U-137 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 1m
U-138 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 5cm
U-139 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 10cm
U-140 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 20cm
U-141 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 30cm
U-142 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 0.5m
U-143 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 1m
U-144 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 5ft
U-145 Tub SS 1/16 x .046 x 5cm
U-146 Tub SS 1/16 x .046 x 10cm
U-147 Tub SS 1/16 x .046 x 20cm
U-148 Tub SS 1/16 x .046 x 30cm
U-149 Tub SS 1/16 x .046 x 0.5m
U-150 Tub SS 1/16 x .046 x 1m
U-151 Tub SS 1/16 x .046 x 5ft
U-152 Tub SS 1/16 x 125µm x 5cm
U-153 Tub SS 1/16 x 125µm x 10cm
U-154 Tub SS 1/16 x 125µm x 20cm
U-155 Tub SS 1/16 x 125µm x 30cm
U-156 Tub SS 1/16 x 125µm x 0.5m
U-157 Tub SS 1/16 x 125µm x 1m
U-158 Tub SS 1/16 x 125µm x 5ft
U-160 Tub SS 1/16 x 125µm x 25ft
U-161 Tub SS 1/16 x 180µm x 25ft
U-162 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 25ft
U-163 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 25ft
U-164 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 25ft
U-165 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 25ft
U-179 Tub SS 1/16 x .005 x 50ft
U-180 Tub SS 1/16 x .007 x 50ft
U-181 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 50ft
U-182 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 50ft
U-183 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 50ft
U-184 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 50ft
U-186 Tub SS 1/16 x .005 x 100ft
U-188 Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 100ft
U-189 Tub SS 1/16 x .020 x 100ft
U-190 Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 100ft
U-191 Tub SS 1/16 x .040 x 100ft
U-281 Upchurch Precolumn Coupler
U-283 Stub Coupler
U-284 Col Coupler FingerTight II
U-287 Col Coupler Bio PEEK
U-288 Coupler PEEK Male/Male-1/2in
U-310 Male Nut – Rheodyne Type Short
U-313 M Nut Rheodyne Extra Long
U-320 M Nut Valco Comp 316 S.S.
U-320X Male Nut Valco Compatible 10pk
U-321 Ferr – Valco Compatible 316SS
U-321X Ferr – Valco Compatible 10pk
U-322 Union Assy ZDV Valco Type
U-322-01 Union Body ZDV Valco Type
U-350 Male Nut – SSI Type
U-352 Union Assy ZDV – SSI Type
U-400 Upchurch Male Nut
U-400X Upchurch Male Nut 10pk
U-401 Upchurch Ferrule 1/16in
U-401X Upchurch Ferrule 1/16in 10pk
U-402 USI Union True ZDV .020 SS
U-402-01 USI Union Body ZDV .020 SS
U-410 Male Nut – Waters Type
U-410X Male Nut – Waters Type 10pk
U-411 USI Union Assy ZDV .007 SS
U-411-01 USI Union Body ZDV .007 SS
U-412 Union Assy ZDV Waters Type
U-412-01 Union Body ZDV Waters Type
U-413 Upchurch Union ZDV
U-421 Union Assy LDV .050 Bulkhead
U-428 Upchurch Tee Assy .020in thru
U-428-01 Upchurch Tee Body .020in thru
U-429 Upchurch Tee Assy .040in thru
U-429-01 Upchurch Tee Body .040in thru
U-430 USI Cross Assy .020in thru
U-431 USI Cross Assy .040in thru
U-433 Tee
U-435 USI Union Assy ZDV .010 SS
U-435-01 USI Union Body ZDV .010 SS
U-437 USI Union Assy LDV .050 SS
U-437-01 USI Union Body LDV .050 SS
U-438 USI Union True ZDV .062 SS
U-438-01 USI Union Body ZDV .062 SS
U-440 Union Asy ZDV .020 thru BlkHd
U-440-01 Union Body ZDV .020 Bulkhead
U-441 Union Asy ZDV .010 thru BlkHd
U-450 Upchurch M6 Male Nut
U-450X Upchurch M6 Male Nut/10pk
U-453 Union Asy Flat Bttm .040 BlkHd
U-453-02 SS Nut 3/8-24 Thread
U-455 Pressure Relief vlv Assy 5 psi
U-456 Press Relief Vlv Asy 100 psi
U-459 Male Nut 5/16-24 – 1/8 Tubing
U-466 High Press Mixing Tee
U-466-02 High Press Mix Tee Body .020
U-466S High Press Mixg Tee – SS Frit
U-467B Col Plug Acetal Blue
U-467BLK Col Plug Acetal Black
U-467R Col Plug Acetal Red
U-467W Col Plug Acetal White
U-468B Col Plug Tefzel Blue
U-468BLK Col Plug Tefzel Black
U-468G Col Plug Tefzel Grn
U-468N Col Plug Tefzel Natural
U-468R Col Plug Tefzel Red
U-468Y Col Plug Tefzel Yellow
U-469 BPR Cartridge Holder w/F-300
U-469-02C BPR Hldr Body SS 1/16 End Coat
U-500 Adapt Asy PEEK 1/4 NPT 1/4-28
U-500-01 Adpt Body PEEK 1/4NPTx1/4-28F
U-501 Adpt Body PEEK 1/4NPTx1/4-28M
U-502 Adapt Assy PEEK 1/4 NPT – M6
U-503 Adapt Asy PEEK 1/4 NPT 5/16-24
U-503-01 Adpt Body PEEK 1/4NPTx5/16-24F
U-504 Adapt Asy PEEK 1/4 NPT 5/16-24
U-504-01 Adpt Body PEEK 1/4NPTx5/16-24F
U-510 Adapt Asy PEEK 1/8 NPTx1/4-28
U-510-01 Adpt Body PEEK 1/8NPTx1/4-28F
U-511 Adpt Body PEEK 1/8NPTx1/4-28M
U-514 Adapt Asy PEEK 1/8 NPT 5/16-24
U-514-01 Adpt Bdy PEEK 1/8NPTx5/16-24F
U-605 BPR Assembly 40 psi
U-606 BPR Assembly 75 psi
U-607 BPR Assembly 100 psi
U-608 BPR Assembly 250 psi
U-609 BPR Assembly 500 psi
U-610 BPR Assembly 750 psi w/SS Hldr
U-620 PEEK Nut 1/2-20 Coned Port
U-650 Flangeless Ferrule 1/4in Tub
U-650X Flangeless Ferr 1/4in Tub 10pk
U-655 Flangeless Nut 1/4 Tub
U-658 Union Assy – 1/4in Tubing
U-658-01 Union Body 3/16 thru – 1/2-20
U-659 Adapt Asy 1/2-20 Fx5/16-24 F
U-660 Flangeless Ferrule 5/16 Tub
U-660X Flangeless Ferr 5/16 Tub 10pk
U-662 Male Nut 1/2-20 5/16 Tub Blk
U-665 Adapt Asy 1/2-20 Fx1/4-28 F
U-665-01 Adapt Body 1/2-20 x 1/4-28
U-800 Tub SS 1/8 x .080 x 1m
U-803 Tub SS 1/8 x .080 x 3m
U-805 Tub SS 1/8 x .080 x 5m
U-825 Tub SS 1/8 x .080 x 25cm
UH-196 Ftg UltraHigh Press 1/16×10-32
UH-196X Ftg UH Press 1/16/10pk
UH-293X Ferr UH Press 1/32/10pk
UH-296 Ftg UltraHigh Press 1/32×10-32
UH-298X Ftg 1/32×10-32 Waters Cmp 10pk
UH-402 Union UH Press 10-32 1/16 SS
UH-427 Tee UH Press 10-32 1/16 SS
UH-429 Cross UH Press 10-32 1/16 SS
UH-432 MicroUnion UH Press 1/32
UH-435X MicroUnion UHPress Non-C 360µm
UH-436 MicroUnion UH Press 360µm
UH-630 Adpt UH Press 10-32/6-32
UH-631-01 Adapt Body UH 10-32/6-40 coned
UH-632 Union UH Press 6-32 SS ZDV
UH-634 Adapt SS 1/16×360µm Ftngs
UH-700 MicroTee Assy SS 1/32in
UH-702 MicroCross Assy SS 1/32in
UH-750 MicroTee Assy SS 360µm
UH-752 MicroCross Assy SS 360µm
UH-753 MicroTee Assy SS 360µm
UH-881 Adpt UltraHigh Press 1/16×1/32
UH-904 Ftg UltraHigh Pressure 1/32xM4
UH-904X Ftg UH Press 1/32xM4 10pk
UH-906 MicroCross Assy SS 360µm
UP-700 Bio Union Body ZDV 10-32, .008
UP-701 Bio Union Body ZDV 10-32, .016
UPFP-6025070 MarvelX PLS 25µm x 70mm Kit
UPFP-6025070T MarvelX PLS 25µm x 70mm Tube
UPFP-6025150 MarvelX PLS 25µmx150mm Kit
UPFP-6025150T MarvelX PLS 25µmx150mm Tube
UPFP-6025250 MarvelX PLS 25µm x 250mm Kit
UPFP-6025250T MarvelX PLS 25µm x 250mm Tube
UPFP-6025350 MarvelX PLS 25µmx350mm Kit
UPFP-6025350T MarvelX PLS 25µmx350mm Tube
UPFP-6025500 MarvelX PLS 25µm x 500mm Kit
UPFP-6025500T MarvelX PLS 25µm x 500mm Tube
UPFP-6025600 MarvelX PLS 25µm x 600mm Kit
UPFP-6025600T MarvelX PLS 25µm x 600mm Tube
UPFP-6050070 MarvelX PLS 50µm x 70mm Kit
UPFP-6050070T MarvelX PLS 50µm x 70mm Tube
UPFP-6050150 MarvelX PLS 50µm x 150mm Kit
UPFP-6050150T MarvelX PLS 50µm x 150mm Tube
UPFP-6050250 MarvelX PLS 50µm x 250mm Kit
UPFP-6050250T MarvelX PLS 50µm x 250mm Tube
UPFP-6050350 MarvelX PLS 50µm x 350mm Kit
UPFP-6050350T MarvelX PLS 50µm x 350mm Tube
UPFP-6050500 MarvelX PLS 50µm x 500mm Kit
UPFP-6050500T MarvelX PLS 50µm x 500mm Tube
UPFP-6050600 MarvelX PLS 50µm x 600mm Kit
UPFP-6050600T MarvelX PLS 50µm x 600mm Tube
UPFP-6075070 MarvelX PLS 75µm x 70mm Kit
UPFP-6075070T MarvelX PLS 75µm x 70mm Tube
UPFP-6075150 MarvelX PLS 75µm x 150mm Kit
UPFP-6075150T MarvelX PLS 75µm x 150mm Tube
UPFP-6075250 MarvelX PLS 75µm x 250mm Kit
UPFP-6075250T MarvelX PLS 75µm x 250mm Tube
UPFP-6075350 MarvelX PLS 75µm x 350mm Kit
UPFP-6075350T MarvelX PLS 75µm x 350mm Tube
UPFP-6075500 MarvelX PLS 75µm x 500mm Kit
UPFP-6075500T MarvelX PLS 75µm x 500mm Tube
UPFP-6075600 MarvelX PLS 75µm x 600mm Kit
UPFP-6075600T MarvelX PLS 75µm x 600mm Tube
UPFP-6100070 MarvelX PLS 100µm x 70mm Kit
UPFP-6100070T MarvelX PLS 100µm x 70mm Tube
UPFP-6100150 MarvelX PLS 100µmx150mm Kit
UPFP-6100150T MarvelX PLS 100µmx150mm Tube
UPFP-6100250 MarvelX PLS 100µm x 250mm Kit
UPFP-6100250T MarvelX PLS 100µm x 250mm Tube
UPFP-6100350 MarvelX PLS 100µmx350mm Kit
UPFP-6100350T MarvelX PLS 100µmx350mm Tube
UPFP-6100500 MarvelX PLS 100µm x 500mm Kit
UPFP-6100500T MarvelX PLS 100µm x 500mm Tube
UPFP-6100600 MarvelX PLS 100µm x 600mm Kit
UPFP-6100600T MarvelX PLS 100µm x 600mm Tube
UPFP-7025150 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 150mm
UPFP-7025250 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 250mm
UPFP-7025350 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 350mm
UPFP-7025500 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 500mm
UPFP-7025600 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 600mm
UPFP-7050150 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 150mm
UPFP-7050250 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 250mm
UPFP-7050350 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 350mm
UPFP-7050500 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 500mm
UPFP-7050600 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 600mm
UPFP-7075150 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 150mm
UPFP-7075250 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 250mm
UPFP-7075350 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 350mm
UPFP-7075500 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 500mm
UPFP-7075600 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 600mm
UPFP-7100150 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 150mm
UPFP-7100250 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 250mm
UPFP-7100350 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 350mm
UPFP-7100500 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 500mm
UPFP-7100600 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 600mm
UPFS-6100070 MarvelX SS 100µm x 070mm Kit
UPFS-6100070T MarvelX SS 100µm x 070mm Tube
UPFS-6100150 MarvelX SS 100µm x 150mm Kit
UPFS-6100150T MarvelX SS 100µm x 150mm Tube
UPFS-6100250 MarvelX SS 100µm x 250mm Kit
UPFS-6100250T MarvelX SS 100µm x 250mm Tube
UPFS-6100350 MarvelX SS 100µm x 350mm Kit
UPFS-6100350T MarvelX SS 100µm x 350mm Tube
UPFS-6100500 MarvelX SS 100µm x 500mm Kit
UPFS-6100500T MarvelX SS 100µm x 500mm Tube
UPFS-6100600 MarvelX SS 100µm x 600mm Kit
UPFS-6100600T MarvelX SS 100µm x 600mm Tube
UPFS-6125070 MarvelX SS 125µm x 70mm Kit
UPFS-6125070T MarvelX SS 125µm x 70mm Tube
UPFS-6125150 MarvelX SS 125µmx150mm Kit
UPFS-6125150T MarvelX SS 125µmx150mm Tube
UPFS-6125250 MarvelX SS 125µm x 250mm Kit
UPFS-6125250T MarvelX SS 125µm x 250mm Tube
UPFS-6125350 MarvelX SS 125µmx350mm Kit
UPFS-6125350T MarvelX SS 125µmx350mm Tube
UPFS-6125500 MarvelX SS 125µm x 500mm Kit
UPFS-6125500T MarvelX SS 125µm x 500mm Tube
UPFS-6125600 MarvelX SS 125µm x 600mm Kit
UPFS-6125600T MarvelX SS 125µm x 600mm Tube
UPFS-6254070 MarvelX SS 254µm x 70mm Kit
UPFS-6254070T MarvelX SS 254µm x 70mm Tube
UPFS-6254150 MarvelX SS 254µmx150mm Kit
UPFS-6254150T MarvelX SS 254µmx150mm Tube
UPFS-6254250 MarvelX SS 254µm x 250mm Kit
UPFS-6254250T MarvelX SS 254µm x 250mm Tube
UPFS-6254350 MarvelX SS 254µmx350mm Kit
UPFS-6254350T MarvelX SS 254µmx350mm Tube
UPFS-6254500 MarvelX SS 254µm x 500mm Kit
UPFS-6254500T MarvelX SS 254µm x 500mm Tube
UPFS-6254600 MarvelX SS 254µm x 600mm Kit
UPFS-6254600T MarvelX SS 254µm x 600mm Tube
UPFS-7100150 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 150mm
UPFS-7100250 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 250mm
UPFS-7100350 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 350mm
UPFS-7100500 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 500mm
UPFS-7100600 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 600mm
UPFS-7125150 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 150mm
UPFS-7125250 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 250mm
UPFS-7125350 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 350mm
UPFS-7125500 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 500mm
UPFS-7125600 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 600mm
UPFS-7254150 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 150mm
UPFS-7254250 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 250mm
UPFS-7254350 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 350mm
UPFS-7254500 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 500mm
UPFS-7254600 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 600mm
UPN-61032 MarvelX 10-32 SS Fitting 3pk
V-100D 4-Way Valve PEEK Diagonal Flow
V-100L 4-Way Vlv PEEK L Flow
V-100T 4-Way Valve PEEK 3-Port Flow
V-101D 4-Way Vlv PEEK D Blkhd
V-101L 4-Way Vlv PEEK L Blkhd
V-101L-60 4-Way Vlv PEEK L Blkhd .060
V-101T 4-Way Vlv PEEK T Blkhd
V-240 6-Port Selection vlv .040 Blk
V-241 6-Port Sel vlv .040 BlkHd
V-340 6-Port Selection vlv .063 Red
V-341 6-Port Sel vlv .063 Red BlkHd
V-450 6-Port Inj Valve .040 – Black
V-451 6-Port Inj vlv .040 – Bulkhead
V-540 6-Port Inj Valve .063 – Red
V-541 6-Port Inj vlv .063 – Bulkhead
VHP-1000 VHP Wrench 1/4in Hex 10inlbs
VHP-1001 VHP Fingertight 1/4 Hex Tool
VHP-200 VHP Ftg SS 10-32 for 1/16in
VHP-2000 VHP Wrench 1/4in Hex 14inlbs
VHP-200-01 VHP200 Series Ferr for 1/16in
VHP-200-01X VHP200 Ferr for 1/16 10pk
VHP-200X VHP Ftg SS 10-32 for 1/16 10pk
VHP-205 VHP Ftg SS 10-32 1/16in Long
VHP-320 VHP Ftg 1/16in 1-piece
VHP-3200 VHP Ftg 1/16in Fingertight
VHP-3200X VHP Ftg 1/16in FngrTt 10pk
VHP-320X VHP Ftg 1/16in 1-piece 10pk
VHP-321 VHP Ftg 1/16in 1pc 8mm hex
VHP-325 VHP Ftg 1/16in 1-piece Long
VHP-325X VHP Ftg 1/16in 1-pc Long 10pk
VHP-326 VHP Ftg 1/16in 1pc 8mm Hex Lg
VHP-4000 Adjust Torque Driver 2-12inlbs
VHP-500 Inline VHP Filter 0.5um
VHP-501 VHP Replacement Filter 0.5µm
VHP-505 VHP Inline Filter 0.2µm
VHP-506 VHP Replacement Filter 0.2µm
VHP-550 VHP Precolumn Filter 0.5µm
VHP-551 VHP Replacement Fltr 0.5µm
VHP-555 VHP Precolumn Filter 0.2µm
VHP-556 VHP Replacement Fltr 0.2µm
VHP-600 VHP Plug
VHP-700X VHP Fitting 6-40 1/32in 10pk
VHP-900 VHP Fitting M4 1/32in
VHP-9000 Wrench 4mm hex
VHP-900-01X VHP900 Ferrule 1/32 10pk
VHP-900X VHP Fitting M4 1/32in 10 pk
VHP-920 VHP Ftg 1/32in 1-piece
VHP-920X VHP Ftg 1/32in 1-piece 10 pk
VHP-920X3 VHP Ftg 1/32in 1-piece 3pk
XF-358 Flngls Sys FlushNut 1/16in
XF-358X Flngls Sys FlushNut 1/16 10pk
XF-368 Flngls Sys FlushNut 1/8in
XLT-111 Flngls Sys PEEK 10-32 for 1/16
XLT-111X Flngl Sys PEEK 10-32 1/16 10pk
XP-130 Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/8in
XP-130X Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/8 10pk
XP-131 Super Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/8
XP-131X SF Sys Nat PEEK 1/8 10pk
XP-132 Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 3/16in
XP-132X Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 3/16 10pk
XP-136 Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/16in
XP-136X Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/16 10pk
XP-137 Super Flngls Sys Blk PEEK 3/16
XP-137X SF Sys Blk PEEK 3/16 10pk
XP-138 Flngls Sys Nat Delrin 4.0mm
XP-141 PEEK Nut 1/16 SF 5/16-24
XP-143X SF Sys 3.0 PEEK N 5/16-24 10pk
XP-201 Flngls Sys Blk Delrin 1/16in
XP-201X Flngls Sys Blk Delr 1/16 10pk
XP-202 Flngls Sys Red Delrin 1/16in
XP-202X Flngls Sys Red Delr 1/16 10pk
XP-203 Flngls Sys Wht Delrin 1/16in
XP-204 Flngls Sys Cream Delr 1/16
XP-205 Flngls Sys Grn Delrin 1/16in
XP-206 Flngls Sys Blue Delr 1/16
XP-208 Flngls Sys Short Blk Delr 1/16
XP-210 Flngls Sys XL Blue ETFE 1/16
XP-215 Flngls Sys ETFE 1/16
XP-218 Flngls Sys Short Nat ETFE 1/16
XP-218BLKX Flngls Sys Blk ETFE 1/16 10pk
XP-218X Flngls Sys Shrt ETFE 1/16 10pk
XP-220 Flngls Sys Nat PP 1/16in
XP-230 Flngls Sys PEEK 1/16in
XP-230X Flngls Sys PEEK 1/16in 10pk
XP-235 Flngls Sys Short PEEK 1/16in
XP-235X Flngls Sys Shrt PEEK 1/16 10pk
XP-238 Flngls Sys Purple Delr 1/16
XP-245 Flngls Sys PFA 1/16in
XP-245B Flngls Sys Blue PFA 1/16in
XP-245X Flngls Sys PFA 1/16in 10pk
XP-283 Flngls Sys Hdls PEEK 1/16
XP-286 Flngls Sys Hdls PPS 1/16in
XP-286X Flngls Sys Hdls PPS 1/16 10pk
XP-301 Flngls Sys Blk Delrin 1/8in
XP-301X Flngls Sys Blk Delr 1/8 10pk
XP-302 Flngls Sys Red Delrin 1/8in
XP-302X Flngls Sys Red Delr 1/8 10pk
XP-303 Flngls Sys Wht Delrin 1/8in
XP-304 Flngls Sys Cream Delr 1/8
XP-305 Flngls Sys Green Delrin 1/8n
XP-305X Flngls Sys Grn Delr 1/8 10pk
XP-306 Flngls Sys Blue Delrin 1/8in
XP-308 Flngls Sys Short Blk Delr 1/8
XP-308X Flngls Sys Blk Delr 1/8 10pk
XP-315 Flngls Sys Nat ETFE 1/8in
XP-315X Flngls Sys Nat ETFE 1/8 10pk
XP-318 Flngls Sys Short Nat ETFE 1/8
XP-320 Flngls Sys Nat PP 1/8in
XP-330 Flngls Sys PEEK 1/8in
XP-330X Flngls Sys PEEK 1/8in 10pk
XP-335 Flngls Sys Short PEEK 1/8in
XP-335X Flngls Sys Short PEEK 1/8 10pk
XP-338 Flngls Sys Purple Delr 1/8
XP-345 Flngls Sys PFA 1/8in
XP-348 Flngls Sys Short Hdls PEEK 1/8
XU-620 LP Coned Sys Red PEEK 1/4in
XU-620X LP Coned Sys Red PEEK 1/4 10pk
XU-655 Flngls Sys Blk PEEK 1/4in
XU-655X Flngls Sys Blk PEEK 1/4 10pk
XU-662 Flngls Sys Blk PEEK 5/16in
XU-662X Flngls Sys Blk PEEK 5/16 10pk