IDEX Fluidics Connectors High Pressure Multiport

High Pressure Multiport Connectors Come in eight Categories:

Union Assemblies See below
Mixing Tees See below
High Pressure Unions See below
PEEK Tees and Crosses See below
MicroTight Unions See below
Elbows See below
Stainless Steel Tees and Crosses See below
Bulkhead Unions See below

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Union Assemblies

1593 Union Assy – 1/8in Prep
1593-01 Union Body – 1/8in Prep
P-845-01 VacuTight Union

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MIxing Tees

M-540 Micro Static Mixing Tee Assy
M-540A Micro Static Mix Tee No Frit
U-466 High Press Mixing Tee
U-466-02 High Press Mix Tee Body .020
U-466S High Press Mixg Tee – SS Frit

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High Pressure Unions

M-572 Conductive MicroUnion Assy
P-704 Union PEEK .020 10-32
P-704-01 Union Body .020 -10-32 Thrd
P-705 Union Asy PEEK .020 Hi Press
P-706 Union Asy PEEK .050 Hi Press
P-742 Union Asy PEEK .010 10-32
P-742-01 Union Body PEEK .010in thru
P-760 Union Asy PEEK 10-32 .050 Ftgs
P-760-01 Union Body PEEK .050in

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PEEK Tees and Crosses

P-715 Tee Asy PEEK .020 Hi Press
P-716 Tee Asy PEEK .050 Hi Press
P-726 Cross Asy PEEK .050 Hi Press
P-727 PEEK Tee .020 thru hole/F-300
P-727-01 PEEK Tee Body .020/10-32 Thrd
P-728 Tee Asy PEEK .050 thru Hi Pres
P-728-01 PEEK Tee Body .050/10-32 Thrd
P-729 Cross Asy PEEK .020 F-300
P-729-01 Cross Body PEEK .020 /10-32
P-730 Cross Asy PEEK .050 thru F-300
P-730-01 Cross Body PEEK .050 /10-32
P-775 MicroTee Assembly .025in
P-775-01 MicroTee Body PEEK
P-777 MicroCross Assy .025in
P-777-01 MicroCross Body PEEK
P-887 MicroCross PEEK 1/32in w/Ftgs
P-888 MicroTee PEEK 360µm w/Fittings
P-888-01 MicroTee Body PEEK 360µm
P-889 MicroCross PEEK 360µm w/Ftgs
P-890 MicroTee Assy PEEK – 1/16in
P-890-01 MicroTee Body PEEK – 1/16in
P-891 MicroCross Assy PEEK – 1/16in

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MicroTight Unions

P-720 Union Assy MicroTight PEEK
P-720-01 Union Body MicroTight PEEK
P-771 Union Micro PEEK for 1/32 Tub
P-771-01 Union Micro PEEK for 1/32 Tub
P-772 Union Assy .015 MicroTight II

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P-874 MicroElbow Assy w/Mountg Hole
P-875 MicroTee Assy w/Mounting Hole

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Stainless Steel Tees and Crosses

U-428 Upchurch Tee Assy .020in thru
U-428-01 Upchurch Tee Body .020in thru
U-429 Upchurch Tee Assy .040in thru
U-429-01 Upchurch Tee Body .040in thru
U-430 USI Cross Assy .020in thru
U-431 USI Cross Assy .040in thru
U-433 Tee

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Bulkhead Unions

U-440 Union Asy ZDV .020 thru BlkHd
U-441 Union Asy ZDV .010 thru BlkHd
U-453 Union Asy Flat Bttm .040 BlkHd
U-453-02 SS Nut 3/8-24 Thread

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