IDEX Fluidics Fittings Coned

Coned Fittings Come in eight Categories:

One Piece Fingertight Fittings See below
Stainless Steel Fittings See below
MicroTight Fittings See below
Two Piece Fingertight Fittings See below
Two Piece SealTight Fingertight Fittings See below
NanoTight Fittings See below
LightTouch Fittings See below
PEEK Fittings See below

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One Piece Fingertight Fittings

F-100 FingerTight I Male Nut-Red
F-100X FngrTt I Male Nut-Red/10pk
F-110 FingerTight Male Nut 1/4-28
F-120 FingerTight I PEEK
F-120B FingerTight I PEEK Blue
F-120BLK FingerTight I PEEK Black
F-120G FingerTight I PEEK Green
F-120R FingerTight I PEEK Red
F-120X FingerTight I PEEK/10pk
F-120Y FingerTight I PEEK Yellow
F-130 Long FingerTight I PEEK Nat
F-130X Long FngrTt I PEEK Nat/10pk
M-645 Fitting, FT Valco
M-645X Ftg Valco Comp 1/32 6-40 10pk
P-100 Male Nut PlasticTight 1/8in

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Stainless Steel Fittings

C-235 Male Nut 1/8
C-235X Male Nut 1/8 10pk
C-236 Ferrule 1/8
C-236X Ferrule 1/8 10pk
U-310 Male Nut – Rheodyne Type Short
U-313 M Nut Rheodyne Extra Long
U-320 M Nut Valco Comp 316 S.S.
U-320X Male Nut Valco Compatible 10pk
U-321 Ferr – Valco Compatible 316SS
U-321X Ferr – Valco Compatible 10pk
U-350 Male Nut – SSI Type
U-400 Upchurch Male Nut
U-400X Upchurch Male Nut 10pk
U-401 Upchurch Ferrule 1/16in
U-401X Upchurch Ferrule 1/16in 10pk
U-410 Male Nut – Waters Type
U-410X Male Nut – Waters Type 10pk
U-450 Upchurch M6 Male Nut
U-450X Upchurch M6 Male Nut/10pk
6000-082 Fittings,Set,SS,1/8,1/Pkg
6000-083 Ferrule,SS,1/8,5/Pkg
6000-109 FITTINGS,SET,SS,1/16,5/PK
6000-110 Ferrule,SS,1/16″,5/PK
6000-111 Fittings,Set,SS,1/16″,LG,5/Pkg
6000-116 Fittings,SS,1/16″,50/Pkg
6000-117 Ferrule,SS,1/16,50/Pkg
6000-162 Fittings,SS,1/16″,ELG,5/Pkg
6000-209 Fittings,Set,SS,1/16,10/Pkg
6000-210 Ferrule,SS,1/16,10/Pkg
6000-211 Fittings,1/16,SS,LG,10/pkg
6000-262 Fittings,Set,SS,1/16ELG,10/Pk
6000-263 Fittings,SS,1/16,10/pkg
6000-264 Fittings,Nut,SS,1/16″,LG,10/Pk
6000-265 Fittings,SS,1/16,ELG,10/Pkg

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MicroTight Fittings

F-112 MicroFerrule 1/32in
F-124H Headless Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm
F-124HX Hdls Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm/10pk
F-124S Standard Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm
F-124SX Std Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm/10pk
F-125 Micro FingerTight PEEK 6-32
F-125H Headless Nut 6-32 Coned .025in
F-125HX Hdls Nut 6-32 Coned .025/10pk
F-125X Micro FngrTt PEEK 6-32/10pk
F-126 6-32 Coned Nut 1/32in Natural
F-126HX Hdls Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32/10pk
F-126S NUT,STD,6-32,CONED,1/32
F-126SX Std Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32in/10pk
F-132 MicroFerrule 1/16in
F-152 Mini MicroFilter Ferr .015in
F-152BLK Mi MicrFltr Ferr .015 PEEK Blk
F-172 MicroFerrule .025in PEEK Black
M-100 MiniTight Male Nut
M-110 Micro MiniTight Kel-F

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Two Piece Fingertight Fittings

F-113 FingerTight MicroFerrule,1/32
F-142 Repl Ferr Hi Press FngrTt II
F-142N Repl 1/16 Ferrule Nat ETFE
F-142NX Repl 1/16 Ferr Nat ETFE/10pk
F-142X Ferr Hi Press FngrTt/10pk
F-148 Micro FngrTt Ferr .009in ID
F-151 Micro FngrTt Ferr .015in ID
F-160 FingerTight II 1/4-28 Hi Press
F-160X FngrTt II 1/4-28 Hi Press 10pk
F-162 FngrTt Ferr 1/4-28 Hi Press
F-200 FingerTight II 10-32 Red
F-300 FingerTight III 10-32
F-300X FingerTight III 10-32/10pk
F-301 FingerTight III 1/4-28
F-330 Long FingerTight 2pc PEEK
F-330X Long FingerTight 2pc PEEK/10pk
F-331 Short Fingertight 2pc PEEK
F-331X Short FngrTt 2pc PEEK/10pk
M-215 MicroFerrule Conductive 360µm

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Two Piece SealTight Fingertight Fittings

F-192 SealTight Ferrule
F-192X SealTight Ferrule/10pk
F-193 SealTight Short Hex-head
F-193X SealTight Short Hex-head/10pk
F-195 Short SealTight Fitting 10-32
F-195X Short SealTight Ftg 10-32/10pk
F-196 Long SealTight Fitting 10-32
F-196X Long SealTight Ftg 10-32/10pk
F-197 M6 SealTight Assy
F-287 SealTight PEEK Fat-Head
F-287-01 SealTight PEEK Fat-Head Nut
F-287X SealTight PEEK Fat-Head/10pk
F-350 Flush Nut 1/16 SealTight Type
F-350X Flush Nut 1/16 SealTight /10pk

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Nanotight Fittings

F-333N Ftg NT PEEK Hdls Short 1/16
F-333NX Ftg PEEK Hdls Short 1/16-10pk

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LightTouch Fittings

F-354 Flush Nut 1/16 LiteTouch Type
F-354X Flush Nut 1/16 LT /10pk
F-364 Flush Nut 1/8 LiteTouch Type
F-364X Flush Nut 1/8 LT /10pk
LT-100 LiteTouch Ferrule 1/16in
LT-100X LiteTouch Ferr 1/16in – 10pk
LT-110 LiteTouch Nut 1/16in
LT-110X LiteTouch Nut 1/16in 10pk
LT-111 LiteTouch Flangeless Ftg 1/16
LT-132 LiteTouch Micro Ferrule 1/32in
LT-132X LiteTouch Micro Ferr 1/32 10pk
LT-135 LiteTouch SealTight Ferr Assy
LT-135X LT SealTight Ferr Asy 10pk
LT-200 LiteTouch Ferrule 1/8in
LT-200X LiteTouch Ferrule 1/8in 10pk
LT-210 LiteTouch Nut 1/8in
LT-210X LiteTouch Nut 1/8in 10pk
LT-215 Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Nat
LT-215B Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Blu
LT-215BLK Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Blk
LT-215G Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Grn
LT-215GY Short 1/8 LT M Nut PEEK Gray
LT-215X Short 1/8 LT Nut PEEK Nat/10pk

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PEEK Fittings

6000-066 Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,ELG
6000-066GN Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,ELG,GN
6000-066RD Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,ELG,RD
6000-078 Fittings,Set,PK,1/8
6000-079 Ferrule,PK,1/8,5PK
6000-251 Ferrule,PK,1/16,10 Pieces
6000-254 Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,10/Pkg
6000-254BL Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,BL,10/PK
6000-254GN Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,GN,10/PK
6000-254MC Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,MC,10/PK
6000-254RD Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,RD,10/PK
6000-254YL Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,YL,10/PK
6000-255 Fittings,Set,PK,1/16,SH,10/PK
6000-282 Fittings,PK,1/16,OP,BLK10PCS,
6000-282BL Fittings,PK,1/16,OP,BL,10/PK
6000-282GN Fittings,PK,1/16,OP,GN,10/PK
6000-282GY Fittings,PK,1/16,OP,GY,10/PK
6000-282MC Fittings,PK,1/16,OP,MC,10/PK
6000-282RD Fittings,PK,1/16,OP,RD,10/PK
6000-282YL Fittings,PK,1/16,OP,YL,10/PK

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