Airborne Disinfection Units

New way to disinfect enclosed spaces, biosafety cabinets, incubators and labs.

The Phileas Airborne Disinfection System uses a concept based on spinning disc technology, which allows for a very efficient diffusion of a Hydrogen Peroxide Solution into calibrated droplets of 5 to 10µm, and can diffuse the resulting dry fog or vapor into the enclosed space, workstation or room to be treated, doing away with the need for a propulsive gas or a nozzle system.  The Phileas® Units are very simple, reliable and efficient.  Suitable for treatment of all types of volumes from the smallest (less than 1m³) to the largest volume (several thousand m³) and the flexibility of various configurations (height, multi rooms).  See Video Below

Phileas Genius

Phileas Genius Airborne Disinfection Unit

Phileas Genius Airborne Disinfection Unit – A Concentration of Technology
With its rotating head and height-adjustable foot, Phileas® Genius® can be easily inserted into small isolation chambers, freeze dryers, biosafety cabinets, sterilizing ovens, or even into serving hatches or double-door locks. The large handles can be used with gloves. It is designed especially for treating very small volumes between 0.25m³ and 10m³ (9ft³ and 350ft³).
Download Phileas Genius Data Sheet



Phileas 25

Phileas 25 Airborne Disinfection Unit

Phileas 25 Airborne Disinfection Unit – Robustness without the weight 
Compact and robust, Phileas®25 moves easily to handle airlocks and other small volumes. It can be used on main power or NiMH battery.  Programming cycles enable optimized disinfection in complete autonomy.  It is designed especially for treating small volumes between 3m³ and 40m³ (100ft³ and 1,400ft³).
Download Phileas 25 Data Sheet



Phileas 75

Phileas 75 Airborne Disinfection Unit

Phileas 75 Airborne Disinfection Unit – Volume and Mobility
With high treatment capacity, Phileas®75 offers an excellent compromise between Autonomy and Mobility.  Very compact, it moves easily with its specially designed telescopic handle and 2 wheels. Phileas®75 can be pre-programmed, and runs without requiring the presence of an operator. You can easily and quicly program a diffusion for your team. It is designed especially for treating medium volumes between 20m³ and 150m³ (700ft³ and 5,300ft³).
Download Phileas 75 Data Sheet



Phileas 250

Phileas 250 Airborne Disinfection Unit

Phileas 250 Airborne Disinfection Unit – Power and Precision
Phileas®250 is particularly designed for demanding environment such as industrial facilities and Laboratories with large volumes. It can treat multiple rooms simultaneously, the powerful distribution provided by its two modules guarantees a fine and homogeneous mist. It performs to a high degree of accuracy by measuring the weight of the diffused liquid. Thanks to its wheels, Phileas®250 can move freely to accommodate a wide range of volumes between 50m³ and 600m³ (1,800ft³ and 21,00ft³).
Download Phileas 250 Data Sheet



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