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NEW – VelO2x Rapid Oxygen Control Chamber

VelO2x Image The VelO2x system is designed to provide controlled and isolated environments. By mimicking the conditions experienced within a diseased state, VelO2x allows the Researcher to better understand the impact that O2 levels have in conditions such as sleep apnea and cardiac arrest. VelO2x comprises an ICONIC Gas Mixer (offering pinpoint control of O2) connected to an isolated chamber. Download Product Sheet

NEW – MAB RACS (Rotating Cage System) and RACS Plus (Rotation Counter)

RACS SystemThe MAB RACS is a quiet movement response system.  The system allows you to have multiple connections to external devices including infusion pumps and fraction collectors without the limitations of a swivel.  The Rotating Plate prevents the tangling, twisting and/or breakage of the inlet and outlet lines.
MAB RACS System Includes a Rotating Plate, Support Stand and a Balancing Arm. Does not Include Cage and/or Bowl.  Can be fixed and adjusted to your preferred Cage or Bowl.
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MAB RACS Plus Rotating Plate Close UpThe MAB RACS Plus comes with an additional feature – built in sensors that will count clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.
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MAB RACS (Rotating Cage System): RACS
MAB RACS Plus (Activity Monitoring): RACS Plus
Plastic Collar (100 pcs) 1021