Portable Physoxia

ACU-001Baker ACU Atmospheric Circulation Unit **Buy ACU unit with single CondoCell Vessel – $3,025.00 USD …$2,395.00portable-physoxia|biosciences
ACUCondo-001Baker CondoCell Vessel and ACU **Single CondoCell Vessel and ACU (Air Circulation Unit) Combined  Open …$3,025.00portable-physoxia|biosciences
Condo-001Baker CondoCell Culture Vessel **CondoCell Vessel Only – Designed to be used with the ACU …$895.00portable-physoxia|biosciences
RPU-001Baker RPU Rapid Purge Unit Dimensions: 5″ x 6.7″ x 4.5″ (H x W x …$1,725.00portable-physoxia|biosciences
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