Research Tools

Curiosis FACscope Automatic Cell Counter and Slide

Automatic Cell Counting
and Imaging

Automatic Image Based Cytometer and Live Cell Imaging

EverBio TMA EZ Punch and Accessories

Tissue Microarray

EverBio TMA Arrayers frm Manual Punch to Fully Automatic

Simply Biologics Blue LIght LED Transilluminators

Blue Light LED

BLooK – Detection of nucleic acids under non-UV conditions

PurMa Tissue Culture Reagents Fetal Bovine Serum

Tissue Culture

Essential Media, Serums, Mediums, AminoAcids, Supplements and More

Connecxt TDZyme Tissue Dissociation Enzyme Packs

Tissue Dissociation
Enzymes (AOF)

Recombinant Tissue Dissociation Enzymes Animal Origin Free

PromoChrom Automated Solid Phase Extraction System RT-01

Solid Phase Extraction

With a focus on automated solid phase extraction and sample preparation

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