Automatic Cell Counting and Live Cell Imaging

FACScope B

Curiosis FACscope Automatic Cell Counter and Slide

Automatic Image Based Cytometer

  • Accurate cell counting by Trypan blue
  • Multi frame image analysis
  • Auto-focusing (no manual focusing required)
  • Supporting gating function for cell size analysis
  • Fast and accurate measurement

Celloger Mini

Curiosis Celloger Mini Automatic Live Cell Imaging

Automatic Live Cell Imaging

  • Live cell monitoring and time-lapse image recording
  • Compact size and compatible with CO2 incubator
  • Available 4x & 10x objective lens
  • Precision motorized X-Y-Z stage
  • Intuitive UI/UX and high content image processing


Curiosis CSlide Disposable Hemocytometer 4 Chamber Slides

Disposable Hemocytometer

  • Reduces risk of exposure to infectious or hazardous samples
  • Eliminates the need for washing or autoclaving components
  • Light and sturdy construction
  • Resistant to surface scratches or cracks
  • Reliable and repeatable results with reusable method
  • Grid pattern imprinted and plasma treated surface

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