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Polymer Microfluidics and Microfabrication Made Simple – Fast and user-friendly alternative to PDMS soft-lithography for Microfluidic Devices. New certified biocompatible polymer material, Flexdym, easy bonding and specifically made for microfluidic chip fabrication. Affordable equipment allows for chip fabrication in minutes. Sublym Hot Embossing Machine and Epoxym, an Expoxy Mold Replication Unit, along with Polymer Sheets, Rolls and Pellets allow for Robust, Scalable Solutions.

Advanced Biocompatible Polymer

  • Flexible thermoplastics
  • Easily molded and bonded
  • Optically transparent
  • Resistant to absorption of small particles
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Flexdym™ is the first material specifically tailored for microfluidics biological applications. It is flexible, easily molded and bonded, transparent, and resistant to adsorption of small particles. This thermoplastic elastomer (TPE-S) can be used at all scales, from prototyping to mass production (i.e. injection, extrusion, roll-to-roll molding, etc.). With FlexdymTM, microfluidics tech development is finally streamlined

Flexdym™ is a soft thermoplastic elastomer combining advantages from both elastomers (e.g. polydimethylsiloxane, PDMS) and hard thermoplastics. Like PDMS, it is a flexible, optically transparent and certified biocompatible polymer (ISO 10993 part 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 & UPS Class VI) , but it’s production can be more easily streamlined from prototyping to production stages. Unlike most elastomers, Flexdym™ is also compatible with industrial polymer processing techniques, such as injection and extrusion.

Flexdym™ has been created to provide researchers in academia and industry with the choice of a new material for microfluidic biological applications. It can be bond to itself, or to a variety of other materials, including glass and a wide range of thermoplastics (polystyrene, cyclo-olefin copolymer…). Its mechanical properties and characteristics also mean it is suitable for a variety of applications in the life sciences industry, including lab-on-chip, point-of-care devices, organ-on-chip, cosmetics analysis, and environmental studies.

The starter pack is the perfect format for first-time Flexdym users to test the material for their application. In one starter pack different thicknesses can be mixed, making the selection process easier for you!

The Flexdym™ rolls are the perfect format for users who need a more cost-effective option after testing our starter pack, but it is also compatible with roll-to-roll embossing methods of mass production.

The Flexdym pellets is perfect for experimented user who have developed a marketable product using this technology, and wish to begin mass production or 3D printing using our flexdym pellets.

All of these can be molded and are shown in the figures below:

Eden Tech Flexdym Starter Pack Polymer Sheets
Eden Tech Flexdym Polymer Rolls
Eden Tech Flexdym Polymer Pettets

Hot Embossing Machine

  • Portable plug & play
  • Easy and quick production of microfluidic chips
  • Optimized for Flexdym molding in 1-2 minutes
  • Compact and user friendly
  • Dramatically less expenseive than classic machine
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SuBlym100TM is an easy-to-use and ultra-compact system for thermoplastic molding powered only by electricity. Without requiring pneumatic/hydraulic pump, the equipment can be installed anywhere. (Micro)-structures can be molded on many low melting temperature polymers in few minutes and is within reach of any operators. Your Eden’s microfabrication countertop companion allows you to quickly prototype and produce small series of microfluidic/microsystem chips at a push of a button.

The Sublym100 is a great alternative to soft-lithography microfabrication, for easy and quick production of your microfluidic devices.

The Sublym™ is a hot embossing machine, using heat and pressure to mold a variety of materials in a matter of minutes, including Flexdym™, COC, PMMA and PS. Consequently, it serves as a great alternative to soft-lithography casting. More specifically, the Sublym100 has been optimized for Flexdym™ polymer molding in only 2 minutes, but it can also be used to mold various other thermoplastics, including PMMA.

Check out below additional advantages of the Sublym™:
  • Easy-to-use, with no extensive training is needed to operate it. The Sublym™ is the perfect equipment for accelerating projects.
  • An ultra-compact design, that’s not much bigger than a laptop. The Sublym™ is dramatically smaller than standard commercial hot embossing machines, weighing up to 500 kg.
  • A user-friendly system, that is only powered by electricity. You can plug-and-play in the smallest of spaces.
  • Dramatically cheaper than other microfabrication equipment. The Sublym™ makes microfluidics more accessible to everyone.
4 Easy steps to create Flexdym chips using the Sublym™:
  1. Cut a Flexdym™ sheet to the size of your device.
  2. Next, mold the sheet by placing the sheet, between your mold and the counter mold (included in the Sublym kit), inside the machine.
  3. Then, unmold the sheet and create inlet/outlet ports. Check out our metal punch pliers for this step.
  4. Finally, laminate sheet onto substrate. Flexdym™ can bond to various materials including, itself, glass, PDMS, PS, PC, COC, COP and PMMA.

A note to our Flex users: the Sublym also serves a great bonding aid for standardized Flexdym™ chip bonding.

This microfabrication countertop companion allows quick prototyping and production of microfluidic chips at a push of a button! 

Epoxy Mold Replication Kit

  • More robust than silicone wafers
  • High temperature resistance
  • Withstands high number of molding cycles
  • Saves time and money
  • Low cost molds for routine devie replication
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Produce robust epoxy molds replicas that offer a superior experience to classic SU-8 & silicon masters. Now you can increase the molding throughput of all your devices, while increasing the life-span of you silica wafers.

In microfabrication techniques such as hot embossing, it is imperative to have a robust mold to withstand the mechnical stress applied during molding and unmolding. That’s why we created the EpoxymTM kit.

What Does the Epoxym Kit Do?

It is a multifunctional and easy-to-use microfluidics mold solution system that replicates fragile silicon molds into robust epoxy resin molds. Once the silicon wafer is replicated, then it can be safely tucked away and excluded from your routine fabrication. This preserves your fragile and valuable master mold manufactured by microfabrication techniques (e.g. SU8 photolithography, DRIE etching, etc).

The high temperature resistant epoxy molds are robust and less likely to break during microfabrication methods such as hot embossing. This can consequently save you time and money, especially if you do not have direct access to mold fabrication equipment or have a limited budget.

How Does It Work?

The Epoxym kit creates replicate molds through a two-step casting system:
1. First fabricate a negative mold in PDMS
2. Next, use the PDMS intermmediate to fabricate the final replica epoxy mold suitable for hot embossing (see our Sublym™ machine for molding within minutes).

The Epoxym it includes a frame system designed for the replication of 4-inch master mold wafers. The frame is adjustable to different heights, using screws and a latch mechanism. It is also accompanied by a valve and tubing, which permits the entire system to be connected to a vaccum pump (not included in the kit).

Easy for all Production Scales

  • Everything you need to get started
  • Small scale to medium scale production
  • Flexdym, Sublym and Epoxym Kits
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Eden Tech’s scale-up kit is the solution you need to boost your microfluidic device fabrication, for a research project or product development. The Scale-Up Kit is designed for researchers facing challenges in their device fabrication and production related to… material properties, non-scalable material, complicated fabrication processes, or strict deadlines.

The Scale-Up kit contains biocompatible polymer, Flexdym, is a thermoplastic elastomer which serves as a great alternative to PDMS, combining its most desired material properties with the efficiency of fabrication processes used for thermoplastics.

The Scale-Up Kit includes everything you need to get started with Flexdym for point-of-care device fabrication: the Sublym hot embossing machine, 4 Flexdym start packs, the Epoxym mold solution, 5  and a port puncher. With this kit you will be able to scale-up your device production from small scale to medium scale production with our user-friendly and efficient protocols. Once you are ready to begin mass production, know that the Flexdym is compatible with both roll-to-roll embossing and injection molding methods.

Unlike most other materials commonly used in microfluidics, Flexdym is the first material specifically formulated and developed for microfluidic diagnostic applications. Originally developed by our CEO, Emmanuel Roy, Flexdym was created for a point-of-care diagnostics and incorporates key material properties for these applications including softness, elasticity, optical transparency, instant assembly, treatment-free bonding, and compatibility with manufacturing processes at all scales of production. Flexdym takes you from initial prototyping to commercialization.

Accessories for Microfabrication

  • Puncher and DIe Set
  • Connector Kit
  • Epoxy Resin
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The hole puncher makes it simple to create access ports for inlets and outlets in Flexdym sheets. Accompanied by one die cut. The size range of the die cuts includes 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm.

Designed to connect Flexdym chips to the world. The luer locks and adhesives may be purchased seperately or together in our kits which include:1 0 luer locks & 50 adhesives

Create a monolithic & robust mold using our carefully selected epoxy resin and hardener for hot embossing. The resin has high replication fidelity (0.2 μm) and high-temperature resistance  (180°C).

Eden Tech Metal Puncher Tool for Flexdym Sheets
Eden Tech Connector Kit
Eden Tech Epoxy Resins

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