Tissue MicroArray (TMA)

EverBio TMA Arrayers from Manual Punch to Fully Automatic

Tissue MicroArray (TMA) extracts tissue from donor blocks and transplants them to recipient blocks according to the layout designed by the users. Integrated software allows information of the samples and the recipient block to be transfered directly using database interface.  Automatic Tissue MicroArrayers (TMA) provides high throughput data acquisition, allows the entire cohort to be analyzed in one batch on a single slide, decreases assay volume, time and cost.
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EZ Punch 1500

EverBio EZ Punch Manual Tissue MicroArrayer

  • Manual & compact tissue arrayer
  • Durable design with easy operation
  • Adjustable needle cover for any punching depth
  • Patented coaxial punch set and mechanism

EZ Punch 1500 is a compact, manual tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer.  It is durable, easy to use and comes in a nice hand held design.  Changeable punch needles are avaialbe for different core sizes.

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AutoTiss ONE Semi Automatic

EverBio AutoTiss One Semi Automatic Tissue MicroArrayer

  • Designed for high throughput workflow
  • Fully automatic for fast and easy punch area selection
  • Computer controlled with intuitive user interface
  • Tissue database allows fast and easy tracking and maintenance

AutoTiss ONE Semi-Automatic is a compact, semi-automatic tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer.  A cost effective updgrade option for anyone using the manual TMA punchers.  It is a convenient system that constructs the TMA block by extracting the specimen on the holder in mnay forms.  The holder and program can be customized to your needs.

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AutoTiss 10C Fully Automatic

EverBio AutoTiss 10C Automatic Tissue MicroArrayer

  • Fully automatic, compact tissue arrayer
  • Computer controlled for autonomous operation
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Patented coaxial punch set and mechanism
  • Patented CCD integration system for fast and easy punch area Selection
  • Block Database allows fast and easy tracking

AutoTiss 10C Fully Automatic is a compact and fully automatic tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer.  This system will decrease the time and labor involved in creating blocks using the layout designed by the user.  Integrated software allows for the collection of all the data.  The arrayer can hold up to 10 blocks at time and it comes with 5 different punch sizes.

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