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Baker Ruskinn Range InvivO2 Hypoxia Workstations I400 I500 and I 1000

Baker Ruskinn’s InvivO2 hypoxia chamber is packed with new, innovative features that allow you to study even the most complex cell interactions under perfect physiological oxygen conditions. Whether you’re hoping to replicate the low oxygen environment of blood vessels or lung tissue, the InvivO2 is the best tool for the job.

Easy to use and adaptable to meet your needs, especially for cell culture applications that require carefully controlled oxygen regulation, InvivO2 offers accurate and stable user-defined environmental controls, direct access to the inner chamber.

Features: Pop-off Front Panel. Touch Screen Control.  Rapid Sample Entry.  Direct O2/CO2 Control.  Lower N2 Consumption.  Inculdes HEPA Filtration.

Among its many innovative and new standard features, InvivO2 now provides the following: Removable Pop-Off™ front cover for easy set-up and cleaning, Ezee Sleeve™ port systems for direct hands-in access to the chamber, without compromising the integrity of the internal environment, and an Internal HEPA filtration delivers unrivaled air cleanliness ratings within the chamber for optimal growth conditions.Watch Video Below

InvivO2 Models Available Standard I 400, Large Interlock I 500 and Dual Chamber I 1000.
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Hypoxia Workstation


Baker Ruskinn’s SCI-tive range of advanced hypoxia incubators is perfectly suited for cell culture under physiological oxygen, helping to yield better stem cell lines by eliminating cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation. SCI-tive’s closed cell culture environment mimics in vivo conditions with precise, user-defined controls, allowing you study even the most complex cell interactions.

Its spacious interior provides a continuous, controlled-oxygen environment, from seeding through expansion, assay and harvest, and easily accommodates a variety of analytical equipment – no more working on an open bench. SCI-tive’s optional HEPA filtration system provides clean air within the work area to protect cultures from contaminants, and an upgraded enhanced containment package provides user protection. Watch Video Below

SCI-tive Models Available SCI-tive and SCI-tive Dual.
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Baker SCI-tive Dual Chamber Hypoxia Workstation

Physiological Workstation Research Applications: Cancer Biology, Radiation Cell Biology, Cardiovascular Research, Apoptosis/ Neurology, Stem Cell Research, Multidisciplinary Drug Development, Proteiomics.

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