Microdialysis Tubing and Accessories

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Tubing and Adapters

Microdialysis FEP-Tubing

Different kinds of FEP tubing are available depending on your specific needs.




Microdialysis Tubing-AdaptersTubing Adapters are used to connect all the components ensuring it becomes a leak free system.The adapters are soaked in alcohol for a few minutes prior to use, allowing them to expand slightly. Once the adapter is put in place the alcohol evaporates and the adapters shrink, creating a tight connection with no dead volume.



Microdialysis MAB10 Tubing Connectors 1068MAB 10 Connectors allow you to connect 0.4mm OD FEP Tubing to 0.68mm OD FEP Tubing.

Specifications: Ordering: 
Transparent FEP Tubing 1m:OD 0.68mm / ID 0.12mm / DV 1.2 μl/10cm1004
Tranparent FEP Tubing 10x1m:OD 0.68mm / ID 0.12mm / DV 1.2 μl/10cm 1005
Red FEP Tubing 1m:OD 0.68mm / ID 0.15mm+-0.05mm1006
Transp. FEP Tubing 1m (MAB 10):OD 0.4mm / ID 0.12mm / DV 1.2 μl/10cm1066
Tubing Adapters:PolyurethaneRed (pkg. 20)1013
Tubing Adapters:PolyurethaneBlue (pkg. 20)1037
Tubing Adapters (MAB 10):PolyurethaneGreen (pkg. 10)1067
Connectors (MAB 10):PolyurethaneGreen/Red (pkg. 10)1068

Probe Clip and In Vitro Stand

Microdialysis InVitro-Stand-with-Probe-ClipThe in vitro stand is designed to hold the probe/guide between experiments e.g. for hanging it into a vial filled with liquid.





Microdialysis Probe-ClipThe probe clip allows easiest handling during the fixing (cementing) of the guide cannula and fits in the black plastic part of the in vitro stand. The steel rod is fixed to the probe clip and is used as an adaptor to the stereotaxic equipment.


Specifications: Ordering: 
In Vitro Stand with Probe Clip:1000
Connecting Rod:1001
Probe/Guide Clip:5001

Liquid Switches

Microdialysis Liquid-SwitchThe Liquid Switch is designed for the option of perfusing one probe with two different perfusion media without introducing air or interrupting the constant flow through the probe. It is also designed for ease of use and simple maintenance. To clean between experiments, perfuse with water and flush the Ringer’s out properly. The switch can easily be taken apart and the individual parts washed separately in an ultra sonic bath.



Univentor Liquid Switch Rocker Style

Liquid Switch Rocker Style.


Specifications: Ordering: 
Rotor/DeadVolume:Kel-F / 2μlLiquid switch, Valve Style1056
Rotor/DeadVolume:Ceramic / 0μlLiquid Switch, Rocker Style8401405

Dual Channel Swivel and Metal Guide Cap

 Microdialysis MAB-302-Dual-Channel-SwivelThe swivel, a device that rotates to keep the catheter from tangling, is a critical part of any continuous animal infusion system. The swivel can withstand pressures up to 2 bars and may be cleaned by rinsing with ethanol and water.





Microdialysis Metal-Guide-CapThe Metal Guide Cap is made from aluminium and serves as a protection for the guides when animals are kept together between surgery and start of the microdialysis experiment. The cap fits all but MAB 8 Guide and is easy to put in place.


Specifications: Ordering: 
Dead Vollume: Center/Side1.3μl / 2.0μlDual Channel Swivel disposableMAB 302
Metal Guide Cap1060

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