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FEP Tubing

Microdialysis FEP Tubing Clear and Red

Microdialysis FEP Tubing

  • Well specified inner diameters
  • Non ”sticky” material
  • Easy to calculate dead volume
  • Connects quickly using Tubing Adapters
  • Cutting is done using a sharp razor blade
  • Different versions depending on application

Tubing Adapters

Microdialysis Tubing Adapters along with MAB 10 Adapter

Microdialysis Tubing Adapters

  • Expand in alcohol
  • Shrink when left in the air
  • Connects with no dead volume
  • Tight fit once shrunk
  • Color coding possible
  • Flanged ends simplifies connections

In Vitro Stand

Microdialysis InVitro Stand with Probe Clip

Microdialysis InVitro Stand

  • Stable construction that stands firmly
  • All Probe Clip types fit
  • Allows for safe storing
  • In Vitro testing of probes

Probe Clip

Microdilaysis Probe Clip

Microdialysis Probe Clip

  • Easy handling
  • Steel rod is fixed to the Probe Clip

Liquid Switch

Microidalysis Liquid Switch

Microdialysis Liquid Switch

  • Ease of use
  • Quick dismantling
  • Construction allows for proper cleaning
  • Resistant materials
  • Connects using Tubing Adapters

Liquid Switch

Microidalysis Liquid Switch Univentor Rocker Style

Liquid Switch Rocker Style

Dual Channel Swivel

Microdialysis MAB302 Dual Channel Swivel

Microdialysis Dual Channel Swivel

  • Dead volumes, Centre channel 1,3 µl
  • Dead volumes, Side channel 2 µl

Metal Guide Cap

Microdialysis Metal Guide Cap

Microdialysis Metal Guide Cap

  • Protects the guide cannulas
  • Fits all MAB guides but MAB 8 series
  • Minimal weight

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