Microdialysis Products

Microdialysis Probes Blue and Green Samples


A wide variety of Probes for CNS, HMWCO, peripheral tissues. Custom probes to meet your applications.

Guide Cannulas

Reusable and Disposable Guides designed to match your Probes. Standard and Low Profile available.

MIcroialysis Products MAB RACS Rotating Cage System

Rotating Cage System

Eliminate the need for swivels. Rotating plates match the animals movement and can also measure rotation activity.

Baker Ruskinn VelO2x Rapid O2 Control ChambersOxygen

Rapid O2 Control

Chamber designed to provide controlled and isolated environments

and Pumps

Refrigerated Fraction Collector, Push/Pull Peristaltic pump and vials.

Microdialysis Products Tubing Adapters

Microdialysis Tubing
and Accessories

FEP tubing, tubing adapters, invitro stand, dual channel swivel.

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