Microdialysis Fraction Collector, Sampler & Peristaltic Pump

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MAB 85 Refrigerated Fraction Collector and Accessories

MAB-85-Microdialysis Refrigerated Fracton-Collector
NEW Pricing! The MAB 85 Fraction Collector is a refrigerated collector which can collect samples from one source to 40 positions or two to 20 positions each, with a fraction collection interval range of 1 min to 99 min. Samples may be kept cool at a temperature of +40C. Like the MAB 80 samples may be stored in vials with re-sealing caps in order to minimize sample degradation.
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Microdialysis Sample-Vials-and-Caps

These 300μl Sample Vials come in two materials, Polystyrene (similar properties to glass) and Polypropylene (non-sticky properties) to suit your sampling needs. Re-Sealing Caps are available to keep air out of the vials and minimize sample degradation. Sample Vials and Caps come in packages of 1000.




Microdialysis Sample Vial Labels


NEW – Vial Labels come in sheets of 50 numbered labels per sheet. There are 8 different colors and each color come in sheets with framed numbers and numbers without frame. It means 16 x 50 = 400 unique labeling possibilities in each package. An optional rack is available for easier mounting of the labels to the vials.


Specifications: Ordering: 
40 Position Sampler:MAB 85
300μl Polystyrene Vials:1000 pcs1029
Re-sealing Caps:1000 pcs1030
300μl Polypropylene Vials:1000 pcs1048
Vial Labels:1070
Vial Label Rack1071
MAB 80 also available

MAB 20 Microdialysis Peristaltic Pump and Accessories

MAB 20 Microdialysis Persitaltic PumpThe MAB 20 Microdialysis Peristaltic Pump is available with 2 channels, designed for low flow rates and ideal for use with probes having higher cut-off membranes. Pre-calibrated tubing kits enable accurate flow rate settings between 0.4-25 µl/min. Lower flow rates can be acheived by simply setting the percentage of speed to get the flow rate desired. PEEK cannulas on the pump tubing fit directly to FEP tubing using blue or red tubing adapters. All pump tubing kits are made from santoprene and can be autoclaved, if desired. Other advantages of the peristaltic pump are that there is no limit to the volume of the perfusion media reservoir and that a change can be made by simply moving the pump inlet tubing to a different reservoir.





Microdialysis Santopren Tubing


Santopren Tubing come in packages of 2.

Specifications: Ordering: 
Peristaltic Pump:2 ChannelMAB 20
Santopren Tubing (2/pkg.)0.12mmID Delivers 0.4μl – 0.8μl/min.1007
Santopren Tubing (2/pkg.)0.25mmIDDelivers 1.5μl – 2.5μl/min.1002

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