IDEX Fluidics Tubing

High quality, versatile chromatography tubing is offered in a variety of materials and styles to meet your system requirements. Our high pressure tubing includes biocompatible PEEK selections and well as seamless, pre-cut stainless steel. Our flouropolymer tubing is available in well-known DuPont® FEP and PFA and our unique High Purity PFA. Many of our tubing options are color coded for easy detection and some are translucent making it easy to view the fluid pathway. Our tubing is manufactured to precise tight tolerances to ensure dependable product consistency.

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High Pressure Tubing

IDEX Chromatography High Pressure Tubing

Our robust high-pressure chromatography tubing is designed specifically for use in high-pressure and very high-pressure applications such as UHPLC. We offer our tubes in a variety of materials, dimensions and styles to meet your specific applications. Our tubing is available in biocompatible PEEK material, durable Stainless Steel and Fused Silica.
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Fluoropolymer Tubing

IDEX Chromatography Fluoropolymer Tubing

Specifically designed for more critical, low and medium pressure applications. Most of this chromatography tubing is designed with translucent to transparent materials making it easy to see fluids flow. We offer a wide variety of materials and sizes to meet your system needs. Most of our tubing is constructed with genuine Teflon™ FEP and PFA resins, and Tefzel™ ETFE resin for excellent chemical compatibility.Our flouropolymer tubing is a clear choice for most of today’s analysis.
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Tubing Cutters

IDEX Chromatgraphy Tubing Cutters

Our unique Tubing Cutters allow you to cut polymer tubing to your specific length ensuring burr free ends and providing zero dead volume connections. Our precision cutters for fused silica tubing ensures clean, trouble free cutting of fused silica tubing. We also offer a unique tubing awl to help when you are working with barbed fittings.
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Tubing Kits

IDEX Chromatography Tubing Tool Kits

Designed to provide you with a wide array of our tubing and tubing accessories. We offer NanoTight™ Tubing Kits, Stainless Steel Tubing Kits and other types that are designed to offer more flexibility and convenience at a lower per-piece price than if the components were purchased separately.See attached for Product List – Tubing Kits.