MicroTight Adapters

Designed to created easy, convenient connections for common 1/16” OD to capillary tubing. MicroTight Adapters create a true zero dead volume (ZDV) connection.

IDEX P-881 Connector MicroTight Adapter, PEEK, Red, 1/16" OD x 1/32, with Fittings
P-881MicroTight Adapter PEEK 1/16″ OD to 1/32″ with Fittings$75.00
microtight-adapters connectors idex-fluidics
IDEX UH-634 Connector Stainless Steel VHP MicorTight Adapter 1/16x360µm with Fittings
UH-634VHP MicroTight Adapter Stainless Steel 1/16″ OD x 360µm with Fittings$126.00
microtight-adapters connectors idex-fluidics
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