IDEX Fluidics Connectors Low Pressure Multiport

Low Pressure Multiport Connectors Come in nine Categories:

Large Bore Unions See below
Manifolds See below
Elbow Connectors See below
Bulkhead Unions See below
Y Connectors See below
Metric Unions See below
Standard Unions See below
Union Assemblies See below
Tees and Crosses See below

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Large Bore Unions

P-134 Union Body PEEK 5/16in
U-658 Union Assy – 1/4in Tubing
U-658-01 Union Body 3/16 thru – 1/2-20

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P-150 Manifold Assy 7 Port 1/16in
P-150-01 Manifold Body 7 Port 1/16in
P-151 Manifold Assy 7 Port 1/8in
P-151-01 Manifold Body 7 Port 1/8in
P-152 Manifold Assy 6 Port 1/16in
P-152-01 Manifold Body 6 Port 1/16in
P-153 Manifold Assy 6 Port 1/8in
P-153-01 Manifold Body 6 Port 1/8in
P-154 Manifold Assy 5 Port 1/16in
P-154-01 Manifold Body 5 Port 1/16in
P-155 Manifold Assy 5 Port 1/8in
P-155-01 Manifold Body 5 Port 1/8in
P-170 Manifold Assy 7 Port 10-32 Std
P-190 Manifold Assy 9 Port 1/8in
P-190-01 Manifold Body 9 Port 1/8in
P-191 Manifold Assy 9 Port 1/16in
P-191-01 Manifold Body 9 Port 1/16in

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Elbow Connectors

P-430 Elbow Assy PEEK – 1/16in
P-430-01 Elbow Body PEEK 1/4-28 .020
P-432 Elbow Assy PEEK – 1/8in
P-432-01 Elbow Body PEEK 1/4-28 .062

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Bulkhead Unions

P-440 Union Assy PEEK 1/16 Bulkhead
P-440-01 Union Body PEEK 1/16 Bulkhead
P-441 Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441-01 Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441-01BLK Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441-01N Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441B Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441BLK Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441G Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-441N Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
P-442 Union Assy PEEK M6 Bulkhead
U-421 Union Assy LDV .050 Bulkhead

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Y Connectors

P-512 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .020in
P-512-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .020in
P-513 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .040in
P-513-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .040in
P-514 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .060in
P-514-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .060in
P-515 Y Assy PEEK 5/16-24 .125in
P-515-01 Y Body PEEK 5/16-24 .125in

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Metric Unions

P-602 Union Delr Blk M6 Fem x M6 Fem
P-606 Union Delr Blk M6 Fem .060thru
P-622 Union Body Tefzel M6 x 1

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Standard Unions

P-603 Union Delr Wht 1/4-28×1/4-28
P-620 Union Body Polyprop 1/4-28
P-623 Union Tefzel 1/4-28×1/4-28

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Union Assemblies

P-615 Union Assy PEEK 1/8in x 1/8in
P-630 Union Assy Tefzel – 1/16in Tub
P-631 Union Assy Tefzel – 1/8in Tube
P-645 Mounting Stud – Kel-F
P-702 Union Assy PEEK .020 thru 1/16
P-702-01 Union Body PEEK .020 thru 1/16
P-703 Union Assy PEEK .050 thru 1/8
P-703-01 Union Body PEEK .050in thru
P-710 Tefzel Union w/.030 thru
P-710-01 Tefzel Union Body w/.030 thru
U-413 Upchurch Union ZDV

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Tees and Crosses

P-632 Tee Asy Tefzel 1/16 .020 thru
P-632-01 Tee Body Tefzel .020 thru
P-633 Tee Asy Tefzel 1/8 – .050 thru
P-633-01 Tee Body Tefzel .050 thru
P-634 Cross Asy Tefzel 1/16 .020
P-634-01 Cross Body Tefzel .020in thru
P-635 Cross Asy Tefzel 1/8 .050 thru
P-635-01 Cross Body Tefzel .050in thru
P-712 Tee Assy 1/16in PEEK .020 thru
P-712-01 PEEK Tee Body w/.020 thru
P-712-01R PEEK Tee Body (Red) .020 thru
P-713 Tee Assy 1/8in PEEK .050 thru
P-713-01 PEEK Tee Body w/.050 thru
P-714 Tee Assy 1/16in PEEK .040 thru
P-714-01 PEEK Tee Body w/.040 thru
P-722 Cross Assy PEEK .020in thru
P-722-01 Cross Body PEEK w/.020in thru
P-723 Cross Assy PEEK .050in thru
P-723-01 Cross Body PEEK w/.050in thru
P-800 Tee Assy 1/8in PEEK .062 thru
P-800-01 Tee Body PEEK w/.062in Hole

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