IDEX Fluidics Connectors MicroTight Adapters

MicroTight Adapters Come in two Categories:

VHP MicroTight Adapters See below
PEEK MicroTight Adapters See below

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VHP MicroTight Adapters

1958-01 10-32 F to M4 F
UH-630 Adpt UH Press 10-32/6-32
UH-631-01 Adapt Body UH 10-32/6-40 coned
UH-634 Adapt SS 1/16×360µm Ftngs
UH-753 MicroTee Assy SS 360µm
UH-881 Adpt UltraHigh Press 1/16×1/32
UH-906 MicroCross Assy SS 360µm

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PEEK MicroTight Adapters

P-770 Adapt – ZDV – PEEK
P-770-01 MicroTight Adapter Body PEEK
P-881 ADAPT,PK,RED,1/16×1/32,W/FITG
P-881-01 Adapt Body PEEK Red 1/16×1/32
P-882 Adapt PEEK 1/16×360µm Ftngs
P-882-01 Adapt Body PEEK Blu 1/16×360µm

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