IDEX Fluidics Connectors Persitaltic Tube

Peristaltic Tube Connectors Come in seven Categories:

Barbed to Barbed Adapters See below
Barbed Y Adapters See below
Barbed Reducing Adapters See below
Thread to Barbed Adapters See below
Luer to Barbed Adapters See below
Concial Adapters See below
Tools See below

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Barbed to Barbed Adapters

P-801 Connector Barbed 1/16 x 1/16
P-802 Connector Barbed 1/8 x 1/8
P-803 Connector Barbed 3/16 x 3/16
P-805 Connector Barbed 3/8 x 3/8

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Barbed Y Adapters

P-860 Y Barbed 1/16in
P-861 Y Barbed 3/32in
P-862 Y Barbed 1/8in
P-863 Y Barbed 3/16in
P-864 Y Barbed 1/4in

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Barbed Reducing Adapters

P-807 Reducer Barbed 1/16 x 1/8
P-808 Reducer Barbed 3/16 x 1/8
P-809 Reducer Barbed 1/4 x 3/16
P-810 Reducer Barbed 3/8 x 1/4

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Thread to Barbed Adapters

D-646 Swivel Barb Ftg, 1/16in
D-647 Swivel Barb Ftg, 3/32in
D-648 Swivel Barb Ftg, 1/8in
P-639 Adapt 1/16 Barbx10-32 FB PEEK
P-646 Adapt 1/16 Barbx1/4-28M ETFE
P-647 Adapt Body 1/8 M Barbx1/4-28 M
P-648 Adapt 3/16 Barb x 1/4-28 Male
P-663 Adapt – 1/16 Barb x 10-32 Male
P-664 Adapt – 1/8 Barb x 10-32 Male
P-665 Adapt – 3/16 Barb x 10-32 Male
P-668 Adapt 1/16 Barbx1/4-28 PEEK
P-669 Adapt Assy PEEK 10-32 x 1/4-28
P-669-01 Adapt PEEK 10-32Fx1/4-28M
P-690 Tefzel Conical Adapter Body
P-691 Tefzel Peri Adpt (2.4mm-3.2mm)
P-692 Conical Adapter Body PEEK

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Luer to Barbed Adapters

P-850 Luer Lock Male 1/16in Barb
P-851 Luer Lock Male 3/32in Barb
P-852 Luer Lock Male 1/8in Barb
P-853 Luer Lock Male 5/32in Barb
P-854 Luer Male – 1/16in Barb
P-855 Luer Male – 3/32in Barb
P-856 Luer Male – 1/8in Barb
P-857 Luer Female – 1/16in Barb
P-858 Luer Female – 3/32in Barb
P-859 Luer Female – 1/8in Barb
P-870 Fem Luer-Barb 1/16 ID Tefzel
P-871 Fem Luer-Barb 3/32 ID Tefzel
P-872 Fem Luer-Barb 1/8 ID Tefzel

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Conical Adapters

P-757 Peristaltic Tubing Adapter Set
P-767 Peristaltic Tubing Adapter Set
P-794 PeriTub 1/16 ConAdap 0.5-0.8mm
P-797 PeriTub 1/16 ConAdap 1.6-2.4mm
P-798 PeriTub 1/8 Con Adap 1.6-2.4mm
P-799 PeriTub 1/8 Con Adap 2.4-3.2mm

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P-759 Large Plastic Tub Coiler Clip
P-759-01 Large Plastic Tubing Coiler

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