IDEX Fluidics Filters

Filters Come in eleven Categories:

Inlet Solvent Filters See below
VHP Filters See below
Inline Filters See below
Precolumn Filters See below
Semi-Prep Filters See below
Filter Fittings See below
Inline MicroFilters See below
Mini MicroFilters See below
Bottom-of-the-Bottle Filters See below
Precolumn MicroFilters See below
Filter Cups See below

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Inlet Solvent Filters

A-200 Solvent Filter Inlet Kit 10µm
A-201 Kit Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm
A-220 Solvent Filt Inlet 10µm 1/8
A-221 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm/5pk
A-222 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm 1/8
A-223 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm 5pk
A-225 Solvent Filter Inlet 20µm 1/16
A-225A Solvent Filter lnlet 20µm 1/8
A-225A-1 Filter inlet 20µm
A-226A Solvent Filter let 10µm 5/16
A-227A Solvent Filter lnlet 10µm 1/4
A-230A Solvent Filter Inlet 20µm 1/4
A-231A Filter Inlet 20µm5/16-24,3/16
A-240 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm 1/8
A-241 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm/5pk
A-242 SolventFilter Inlet 2µm 1/8Tub
A-243 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm/5pk
A-302 Solvent Filter Inlet General
A-302A Solvent Filter inlet 1/4-28
A-302S Solvent Filter Inlet, Select
A-310 Solvent FilterInlet WatersType
A-311 Solvent Filter Inlet Prep
A-311A Solv Filter Inlet Prep 1/4-28
A-426 Solvent Filter UHMWPE 10µm
A-427 Filter Body UHMWPE 10µm/5pk

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VHP Filters

VHP-500 Inline VHP Filter 0.5um
VHP-501 VHP Replacement Filter 0.5µm
VHP-505 VHP Inline Filter 0.2µm
VHP-506 VHP Replacement Filter 0.2µm
VHP-550 VHP Precolumn Filter 0.5µm
VHP-551 VHP Replacement Fltr 0.5µm
VHP-555 VHP Precolumn Filter 0.2µm
VHP-556 VHP Replacement Fltr 0.2µm

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Inline Filters

A-313 Filter – Inline SS w/20µm Frit
A-314 Solvent Filter – Inline
A-314-01 Solvent Filter, Inline-Female
A-314-02 Solvent Filter, Inline-Male
A-415 Filter Lo Press – 1/16 Tub
A-416 Filter Lo Press – 1/8 Tub
A-424 Fltr Inline Metal Free 2µm
A-425 Fltr Inline Metal Free 10µm
A-430 Filter 2µm
A-431 Filter 0.5µm

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Precolumn Filters

A-315 Precolumn Filter Assy 2µm
A-315-01 Precolumn Filter Female End
A-315-02 Precolumn Filter Male End
A-316 Precolumn Filter 0.5µm
A-318 Precolumn Filter 0.5µm
A-355 Filter PreColumn PEEK 2µm
A-355-01 Filter Body PreColumn Biocomp
A-355-02 Filter Cap PreColumn Biocomp
A-356 Filter PreColumn PEEK 0.5µm

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Semi-Prep Filters

A-330 Semi-Prep Filter Assy
A-360 Semi-Prep Filter Asy 5/16-24
A-410 Semi-Prep Filter 2µm
A-411 Semi-Prep Filter 10µm
A-510 Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 3/16
A-511 Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 1/4

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Filter Fittings

A-428X Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK/10pk
A-429X Filter End Ftg 2µm PEEK/10pk

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Inline MicroFilters

M-120 Filter End Fitting 0.5µm PEEK
M-120X Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK/10pk
M-135-1 Inline MicroFilter Assy 1µm SS
M-140 Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK-1/32
M-520 Inline MicroFilter Assy
M-520-01 Inline MicrFiltr Bdy .006 thru
M-525 Inlin MicrFiltr Kit 0.5µm PEEK

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Mini MicroFilters

M-121 Filter Cap Assy 1µm Green/2pk
M-123 Filter Cap 1µm Blue use M-533
M-124 Filt Cap 2µm Red/Grn use M-532
M-124NF PEEK Capsule Union-No Filter
M-125 Nanofilter Cap 1µm SS/2pk
M-126 Nanofilter Cap 1µm Ti/2pk
M-128 Conductive Capsule 1µm SS 2pk
M-128NF Conductive Union – SS
M-131 Filter Cap Assy 1µm Tan/2pk
M-133 Fltr Cap 1µm SS Blk/Tn 2pk
M-134 Fltr Cap 1µm Ti Tn/Blk 2pk
M-542 MicrFltr 1/32 Tub 2µm Screen
M-543 MicrFltr 1/32 Tub 1µm Screen
M-547 MicrFltr Asy 1/32 1µm SS Disc
M-548 MicrFltr Asy 1/32 1µm Ti Disc

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Bottom-of-the-Bottle Filters

A-309 BOB Solvent Filter Assy 10µm
A-435 BOB Filter Assy PEEK
A-436 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 3/16
A-437 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/8 2µm
A-438 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/8 10µm
A-440 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/8 10µm
A-441 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 3/16 10µm
A-445 Solvent Filter UHMW 1/16 10µm
A-446 Solvent Filter UHMWPE 1/8 10µm
A-450 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/16 2µm
A-451 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/16 10µm
A-452 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/16 2µm
A-453 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/16 10µm
A-550 Fltr Asy 10µm for 1/8 OD Tub
A-551 Fltr Asy 2µm for 1/8 OD Tub

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Precolum MicroFilters

M-500 MicroFilter Fused Silica 0.5µm
M-500-04 MicroFilter Tube & Ferr Assy
M-510 Precolumn MicroFilter Assy
M-550 Precolumn MicroFilter 0.5µm SS
M-555-1 MicroFilter 1/16 Tubing 2µm
M-560 Precolumn MicrFltr 0.5µm PEEK
M-560-1 MicrFltr 1/16 Tub 0.5µm PEEK

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Filter Cups

A-520X Repl Filter Cup 10µm – 10pk
A-522X Repl Filter Cup 2µm – 10pk

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