IDEX Fluidics Fittings Kits

Fitting Kits Come in two Categories:

Manufacturer Compatible Kits See below
Assorted Fitting Kits See below

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Manufacturer Compatible Kits

1404 Ftgs Kit/Hewlett-Packard Type
1412 UpTight Ftgs Kit/Varian Type
1413 Upch Fittings Kit/Waters Type
1418 Upch Fittings Kit/Bio-Rad Type
1420 Upch Fittings Kit/Hitachi Type
1421 Shimadzu Type Kit

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Assorted Fittings Kits

1250 NanoTight Fittings Kit
1451 Flangeless Fittings Kit
1452 FingerTight II Fittings Kit
1453 Flanged Fittings Kit
1454 Tefzel Fittings Kit
1456 PEEK Fittings Kit – Low Press
1457 PEEK Fittings Kit – Hi Press
6000-360 Fittings,RheFlex M4,10Pkg

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