IDEX Fluidics Fittings Plugs and Caps

Plugs and Caps Come in two Categories:

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P-116 Plug Micro Ferrule
P-120 Plug PlasticTight 1/16in
P-123 Plug Tefzel 1/4-28 Hex Head
P-309 Flange Type Ftg Plug – Blk
P-311 Plug Tefzel – 1/4-28
P-314 Plug Tefzel – M6 x1
P-314N Plug Tefzel Natural – M6 x1
P-321 Plug PEEK Nat 1/4-28
P-408 Flanged Fitting Plug – 1/4-28
P-411 Plug PEEK Blk ZDV 6-32 Port
P-520 Plug SS 10-32 Coned w 5/16 Hex
P-550 Col Plug, PEEK Nat 10-32
P-550BLK Plug PEEK Blk 10-32 Extra Long
P-551 Col Plug PEEK Natural 10-32
P-551BLK Col Plug PEEK Black 10-32
P-553 MicroTight Gauge Plug 6-32
P-554 MicroTight Gauge Plug 10-32
P-555 MicroTight Plug 6-32 PEEK
P-556 Plug PEEK 5/16-24
P-557 Plug Delrin White – 5/16-24
P-558 Plug PEEK Green 6-40 FB
P-559 Plug PEEK Nat 6-32 FB
P-849 Plug Delr – 10-32 Flat Bottom
U-467B Col Plug Acetal Blue
U-467BLK Col Plug Acetal Black
U-467R Col Plug Acetal Red
U-467W Col Plug Acetal White
U-468B Col Plug Tefzel Blue
U-468BLK Col Plug Tefzel Black
U-468G Col Plug Tefzel Grn
U-468N Col Plug Tefzel Natural
U-468R Col Plug Tefzel Red
U-468Y Col Plug Tefzel Yellow
VHP-600 VHP Plug

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P-754 Tefzel Cap – 1/16in Male Nut
P-754BLK Tefzel Cap – 1/16 Male Nut-Blk
P-755 Tefzel Cap for 1/4-28 Nut
P-756 Tefzel Cap for M6 Nut

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