IDEX Fluidics MarvelXACT UHPLC Connection Systems

MarvelXACT Connection Systems Come in two Categories:

Stainless Steel UHPLC Connection Systems See below
Biocompatible PEEK Lined UHPLC Connection Sytems See below

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MarvelXACT Stainless Steel UHPLC Connection Systems

UPFS-7100150 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 150mm
UPFS-7100250 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 250mm
UPFS-7100350 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 350mm
UPFS-7100500 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 500mm
UPFS-7100600 MarvelXACT SS 100µm x 600mm
UPFS-7125150 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 150mm
UPFS-7125250 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 250mm
UPFS-7125350 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 350mm
UPFS-7125500 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 500mm
UPFS-7125600 MarvelXACT SS 125µm x 600mm
UPFS-7254150 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 150mm
UPFS-7254250 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 250mm
UPFS-7254350 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 350mm
UPFS-7254500 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 500mm
UPFS-7254600 MarvelXACT SS 254µm x 600mm

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MarvelXACT Biocompatible PEEK Lined UHPLC Connection Systems

UPFP-7025150 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 150mm
UPFP-7025250 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 250mm
UPFP-7025350 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 350mm
UPFP-7025500 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 500mm
UPFP-7025600 MarvelXACT PLS 25µm x 600mm
UPFP-7050150 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 150mm
UPFP-7050250 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 250mm
UPFP-7050350 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 350mm
UPFP-7050500 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 500mm
UPFP-7050600 MarvelXACT PLS 50µm x 600mm
UPFP-7075150 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 150mm
UPFP-7075250 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 250mm
UPFP-7075350 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 350mm
UPFP-7075500 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 500mm
UPFP-7075600 MarvelXACT PLS 75µm x 600mm
UPFP-7100150 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 150mm
UPFP-7100250 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 250mm
UPFP-7100350 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 350mm
UPFP-7100500 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 500mm
UPFP-7100600 MarvelXACT PLS 100µm x 600mm

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